TRUE DETECTIVE’s new season 2 leading men… Keanu Reeves’ Hollywood home invaded AGAIN… “DWTS” update… Tyler Perry is going to be a daddy… and “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland granted a restraining order

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were one and done on HBO’s “True Detective.” Everybody’s been wondering for months who the new male leads would be in the show’s second season. Well, now we know — it’s Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn! Colin will play a cop named Ray Velcoro and Vince will play career criminal Frank Semyon. They still haven’t announced who Colin’s partner will be. There’s speculation that they’ll go with a female. Some of the names being tossed around include Elisabeth Moss, Rachel McAdams, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Biel.

Keanu Reeves must’ve thought there was no way it could happen again, but it has! A SECOND woman got onto his property this week! This is the second woman in TWO DAYS!!! The other night, Keanu was awakened at 4am by sounds coming from his library and found this woman just sitting there silently. CREEPY!! This time, Keanu wasn’t home, but a cleaning crew was. Apparently, they left the front gate open and this woman just walked right in!  Law enforcement sources told TMZ that she got naked, took a shower, and then went outside to skinny dip in Keanu’s pool. The cleaning crew thought at first Keanu might know this woman but they started getting suspicious and called him to find out. Keanu called the cops. And just like creepy woman number one, this one got hauled of for a psychiatric evaluation.

SPOILER ALERT:  Tavis Smiley got sent home from “Dancing With the Stars” last night. He blames the producers. Tavis told “People” that he showed producers his super busy book tour schedule and asked if he could do the next season instead. But they insisted he dance NOW. And Tavis says they should’ve known he wouldn’t have time to prepare a routine every week. Tavis said, “This is not about sour grapes. It’s about saying I think the fans deserve to have stars on this show who have the time to commit to learning the dances so (his dance partner) Sharna and other professionals don’t waste their time trying to do something that’s just humanly impossible.” In other DWTS news, judge Len Goodman is taking next week off. Taking his spot on the judges panel? Kevin Hart!!

Tyler Perry tweeted that he’d never thrown himself a birthday party before so he decided to throw himself a big one for his 45th! He basically threw himself a 2-hour concert featuring Jennifer Holliday, Tevin Campbell, Monica, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Stevie Wonder……..and LeAnn Rimes?? That’s not the most surprising part of the night, though. Tyler announced that he’s about to become a father. He didn’t name the baby mama, but everybody is assuming it’s his on-again/off-again girlfriend, model Gelila Bekele. Tyler had such a great time, he said he’s going to throw himself a big birthday party every five years.

“Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland has obtained a temporary restraining against her former live-in boyfriend, claiming he’s physically assaulted her and threatened to kill her and himself. TMZ saw the court documents. Sarah claims that in one incident back in May, Matt Prokop threw her up against a car and choked her because he didn’t approve of what she was wearing. When Sarah decided she needed to break up with Matt, she asked her “Modern Family” mom Julie Bowen to go with her to help “peacefully end the relationship.” She even bought Matt a plane ticket so he could fly back home to Texas. But when he showed up at the house and figured out what was happening, Sarah said he freaked out and “ran outside into the back yard and began screaming.” Sarah says Matt threw a lighter at her and that’s when Julie stepped in and told her to get out of the house because she wasn’t safe around him. In the documents, Sarah says Matt entered rehab in August but got out this past Sunday. She claims the director at the facility contacted her and told her it would be in her best interest to get a restraining order against him because of his mental state and attitude towards her. Now Matt has to stay at least 100 yards away from Sarah and her dog.


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