Naomi Campbell needs a hip replacement?!

Is Duran Duran into charity work?… Chad Kroeger is being sued… Nicki Minaj testifies for fiance… Ben Affleck’s mid-life crisis… and Naomi Campbell needs a hip replacement?!

Maybe Duran Duran was looking to do some charity work because out of ALL the other possibilities in the entire universe, WHY would they ask Lindsay Lohan to perform on their song “Danceophobia” and THEN have her perform it with them at the O2 Arena in London and THEN have her come back to sing “Rio” with them for the freaking encore?!?!?! But that’s exactly what’s happened. Yes, Lindsay did take a stab at singing about 11 years ago when she released an album called “Speak.” You may vaguely remember her song “Rumors.” But WHY, Simon Le Bon? WHY????

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Chad Kroeger is being sued for failing to disclose a pre-existing throat condition which ended up forcing Nickelback to cancel more than 60 shows this year. Chad ended up having to have a cyst removed from his vocal cords and had to take time off to heal. According to TMZ, Chad filed a $13 million insurance claim to cover the losses from the canceled tour dates, but the insurance company turned around and sued him, arguing that he knew he had the condition before he took out the insurance policy but — oops! — “forgot” to mention it.

Nicki Minaj went on the stand to testify on behalf of her maybe-fiance Meek Mill, hoping to keep him out of jail. Meek is in danger of going to jail for violating probation on a gun and drug conviction from 2008. Apparently, he traveled to the American Music Awards without getting permission from his probation officer first. Nicki was called at a character witness. We don’t know yet if what she said helped. The proceeding was adjourned until next Thursday.

It’s official. Ben Affleck is going through a mid-life crisis. After being photographed with a gigantic tattoo of a multi-colored phoenix rising that covered his ENTIRE back, people thought it was just for a movie role. Why else would he have that huge thing?? E! News has found out that this tat is VERY real. And it just adds to his previous tattoo collection. Ben has barbed wire across his right bicep, some fish/skull/crossbones combo on his right arm, some initials on his shoulder blade, and a dolphin on his right hip that covers up the name of his high school sweetheart.

Naomi Campbell is in a lot of pain. She’s been seen struggling to get around lately, often using a cane and even a wheelchair at times. She reportedly hobbles through back doors to avoid being photographed with the cane and then ditches it while she poses on the red carpet. Her rep says it’s just a minor foot injury, but sources say he’s lying to cover up the fact that Naomi needs hip replacement surgery! She doesn’t want people to know that because she thinks it makes her sound old. She’s only 45.


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