Showbiz Top 5: Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95

Adidas drops Teyana Taylor over fight with Rihanna… Dianna Agron returns for 100th episode of Glee… Kirstie Alley joins TV Land… and Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95

Ever heard of Teyana Taylor? I hadn’t, but then I was told she’s famous enough to have had a deal with Adidas and created her own sneaker called the Original Harlem Good Luck Charm, which was out earlier this year. And she was supposed to have her second sneaker creation come out on Black Friday, but that didn’t happen. Why? Apparently, Adidas decided to part ways with Teyana after she got into a Twitter fight with Rihanna earlier this year. Adidas don’t play that! But in other news, Adidas has announced they’ve signed Kanye West to a $10 million deal, plus royalties.

Dianna Agron wasn’t invited to the “Glee” tribute show for Cory Monteith, but show creator Ryan Murphy has invited her back for the 100th episode.  Sources say Dianna is despised by her “Glee” cast mates, but everyone has tried to gloss over the situation. Ryan tweeted, “Dianna is IN for Glee 100th!” and she tweeted in response, “Going to be fun….#glee100.” The episode will air on March 18.

Kirstie Alley is making the rounds to promote her new TV Land show, “Kirstie.” Yesterday, she was on Howard Stern’s show and OF COURSE he brought up the rift between her and former friend Leah Remini, who recently made headlines for leaving Scientology. Kirstie blasted Leah for slamming her religion, and even went so far as to call Leah a bigot and an enemy. Kirstie also confessed that the reason she first got interested in Scientology was because she saw all the Porsches parked outside the Scientology Center and thought they were all rich. She also credits the religion for helping her kick cocaine.

This actually happened on November 24, but it’s just now making news. Justin Bieber and his entourage were going thru the airport in Brisbane, Australia, when a drug-sniffing dog caught wind of some marijuana in the luggage. The whole group was detained while the bags were searched and Justin reportedly called a female customs officer the worst thing you can possibly call a woman. He reportedly was threatened with arrest, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, one of Justin’s friends had packed a vaporizer and apparently there was some marijuana residue in it. He was ticketed and released.

Last night was the London premiere of “Mandela:  Long Walk to Freedom.” On the red carpet before the movie, the movie’s stars, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris were there. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were photographed with Nelson Mandela’s daughters, Zindzi and Zenani. Zenani then left because she’d already seen the movie several times. But then just a couple of minutes before the move was about to begin, Zindzi was told the news that her father had passed away. She broke down in tears, but managed to compose herself. She was asked if she wanted the screening to be canceled, but Zindzi said no. She wanted the movie to be shown. After then after the credits rolled, the film’s producer got on stage and announced the news of Mandela’s passing to the rest of the audience. Reportedly, there were screams and people burst into tears. Then they honored Mandela with two minutes of silence.


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