Showbiz Top 5: Niall Horan from One Direction is on the market again

Kate Upton has been kicked to the curb… Jared Leto and fellow Oscar nominee hitting it off… Ryan Seacreast is launching a new clothing line… Drake was bumped off the cover of Rolling Stone… and Niall Horan from One Direction is on the market again

After back-to-back covers on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Kate Upton has been kicked to the curb. For this — the 50th anniversary of this now iconic cover — SI put three models on the front:  Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen. This is the first time for Lily — she’s married to Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon, by the way. Nina made her debut in 2012. And of course we all know, Mrs. Chrissy I’m-Married-To-John-Legend Teigan.

So I told you that Jared Leto struck out with some models at NY’s Fashion Week, but it looks like he has a back-up plan anyway. Jared’s nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club” so he’s been a lot of pre-awards events. And sources say that he and fellow nominee Lupita Nyong’o have really hit if off. She’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “12 Years a Slave.”  In every room full of people, they always manage to find their way to each other.  Witnesses claim to see lots of chemistry between these two.

In Kidd’s honor, we will continue to be annoyed by the success of Ryan Seacreast. On top of ALL his other jobs, now he’s launching a new clothing line at Macy’s this fall. It’s called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” and it’s aimed at men who have a tough time coordinating outfits. His system is called “Style Made Smart,” and basically, it’s a color-matching system for suits, shirts and ties. Prices start at $45 for a belt and max out at $550 for a suit.

Drake was upset when his picture was bumped off the cover of Rolling Stone at the last minute and replaced with the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. He tweeted — and has since deleted — his anger, saying, “I’m disgusted with that. RIP to Phillip (sic) Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. but the press is evil.” Drake has since apologized, saying he just wishes Rolling Stone would’ve given him the consideration of pulling his picture AND his interview and using it in a later issue. He says, “I apologize to anybody who took my initial comments out of context because in now way would I ever want to offend the Hoffman family or see myself as bigger than that moment.”

For all the Directioners, one of the boys is back on the market! Niall Horan has broken up with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. She’s the one who caused problems between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez a couple Christmases ago. But she moved on to Niall and the two of them dated for a few months before things just fizzled out. A source told The Sun, “There was no big fall out…They’re working in different parts of the world. They’re both really busy but are still in touch and friendly.” Whatever! She posted a “Take THAT!” Instagram of her cuddling up on some other guy with the caption, “Early Valentine.”


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