Nicki Minaj, NSYNC Join Ariana Grande at Coachella

Weekend box office news… Taylor Swift’s tease… Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson seen together… Jordyn Woods at Coachella… and Nicki Minaj & NSYNC join Ariana Grande on stage

“Shazam!” held on to the top spot at the box office for a second week with $25.1 million. Coming in second was the new movie “Little” with $15.5 million. It was an idea that its star, Marsai Martin, had when she was just 10-years-old, and at 14, she is now the youngest executive producer of a movie ever. She’s also signed a first-look deal with Universal. Good for her! Coming in third was the new movie “Hellboy” with only $12 million.

Taylor Swift is teasing us! With her favorite number being 13, it was fitting that she went on Instagram to post her first hint on April 13. It’s a heart made up of sparkly pink diamonds. She captioned it simply, “4.26.” The next day, she posted another picture of her hands clutching the lapels of a soft yellow blazer with sparkly, iridescent rings on her fingers and sparkly, iridescent polish on her nails. She also captioned it, “4.26.” This morning, we got a whole wad of tulle in pink hombre. Its caption? You guessed it — “4.26.” And before this set of pictures, Taylor showed up at the iHeart Radio awards wearing these iridescent colors with butterflies on the backs of her shoes. Apparently, she’s done with the whole bada** vibe of her “Reputation” album and she’s going with something way softer this go ‘round. We’ll find out on April 26!

It’s the first time we’ve seen Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson together since the whole Jordyn Woods scandal, but Tristan was there for their daughter True’s first birthday party yesterday! Um….yeah…it was awkward. Everybody picked up on it in the video Khloe posted where it looked like Tristan was trying to engage with her and the baby and she basically acted like he wasn’t there. But good for her for even inviting him! OF COURSE, the party was over the top. Gigantic topiaries spelling out “TRUE” welcomed guests. There was a wall of pastel balloons for photo opps, a petting zoo, a cotton candy machine, an organic popsicle cart, a fog machine….Khloe and True wore matching designer outfits in pastel blue. And instead of presents for the birthday girl, Khloe asked guests to bring gifts for the Children’s Hospital of LA.

Speaking of Jordyn Woods, she popped up at Coachella as part of Jaden Smith’s set. Jaden was performing his song “Icon” on Friday standing on the hood of a Tesla that was lowered from the rafters onto the stage. Apparently, Jaden is good friends with Elon Musk…. And then Jordyn came out wearing a mask over the lower half of her face and danced around the car for a hot minute while surrounded by security. Kendall Jenner was in the audience, but probably didn’t even recognize her because of the mask. But later, Kendall and Jordyn almost came face to face in one of the party cabanas. Hollywood Life says Jordyn was at the Bootsy Bellows Pool party with Jaden but he left to go wander around the crowd. Shortly after that, Kendall walked into the cabana with her good friend Hailey Baldwin. After about 5 minutes of awkwardness, Jordyn left.

The fans were right! Ariana Grande brought out ’N Sync — minus Justin Timberlake — to perform with her at Coachella Sunday night. Ariana sang Justin’s parts and did his choreography as they performed “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” Ariana said it was a moment she’d prepared for her entire life. Will she bring ’N Sync back to perform again this Sunday night? Will she up the “wow” factor by having Justin Timberlake join them for round two? Will her audio issues be corrected by then? Ariana suffered through some very awkward moments when she performed with Nicki Minaj and later with Puff Daddy and Mase. Mics were dropping in and out. Ariana complained that she couldn’t hear anything through her in-ears. But sound problems have been an issue at Coachella for years because they set this thing up in the middle of the desert. There’s only so much the sound engineers can do!


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