Millie Bobby Brown secretly ties the knot… Nashville bar will not open… Travis Scott fights with Cher’s boyfriend… Mike Tyson is recovering from an ulcer flare-up…and Nicki Minaj placed under arrest…

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Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi were tooting around the Hamptons this weekend wearing their WEDDING RINGS! The two of them reportedly got married in a super hush-hush ceremony the weekend before, with only their families present. The newlyweds reportedly plan to have a huge ceremony somewhere in the US later this year.

Morgan Wallen’s 6-story bar — This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen — was supposed to have its grand opening in downtown Nashville over Memorial Day Weekend. Well, that didn’t happen…It’s been postponed with no new opening date in sight. The TC Restaurant Group that actually owns Morgan’s bar released a statement saying, “When we open, we want This Bar to be an exceptional experience for guests. This process requires more time, and we are not able to open and provide that experience for Memorial Day Weekend.” They went on to say that they “look forward to serving guests soon,” but how soon is anyone’s guess. A source told Billboard that the restaurant/bar is waiting final inspections, but declined to say whether or not they’d been denied their catering and liquor license, which is what Scoop Nashville had reported. But Billboard’s source did say the postponement of the grand opening is in no way related to city council’s decision not to allow Morgan’s name on the gigantic sign outside.

Ten people died in a crowd surge during the 2021 Astroworld Festival in Houston, and their families all filed lawsuits against Travis Scott and the promoters. Travis requested that he be dismissed from the lawsuits because crowd safety isn’t his responsibility, but a judge denied his request, ordering a jury trial. But earlier this month, we learned that nine of the families agreed to settle out of court with one remaining holdout — the family of the youngest victim, 9-year-old Ezra Blount of Dallas. The trial date was set for Sept. 10, but we’ve now learned that Ezra’s family has agreed to settle. Terms of the settlements are confidential. While Travis’ lawyers have been busy working out the settlements, Travis is finding other ways to get in trouble. Even if they don’t have movies coming out, a lot of celebrities go to the Cannes Film Festival for the parties. Travis went to THE AFTER party at a private villa after the AmfAR Gala where he got into a fight with Cher’s boyfriend AE Edwards. What happened was….Guests at this party got up throughout the night to take turns as DJ. At some point, both Tyga and Travis found themselves on stage behind the DJ booth. Tyga and Travis have something in common — Kylie Jenner. Words were exchanged and Travis said something along the lines of, “At least I waited until she was over 18.” Tyga’s friend AE jumped in to defend his friend, and apparently, Tyga just stayed behind the DJ booth while Travis and AE threw punches.

In preparation for his fight against the 30-years-younger Jake Paul, Mike Tyson has been abstaining from two things: sex and weed. He told Forbes Life, “I hate not being able to smoke, but I’m doing it like I love it. I hate not being able to sleep with my wife, but I’m doing it like I love it.” But maybe if he allowed himself to partake in those pleasures, Mike wouldn’t have had such a scary in-flight incident. Iron Mike was flying from Miami to LA on Sunday and about 30 minutes before landing, his ulcer flared up, causing him to become nauseous and dizzy. His spokesman said Mike is “appreciate to the medical staff that were there to help him” and he’s now “doing great.” And despite rumors to the contrary, Jake hopped on X yesterday to let us know their fight is still on. He posted, “You love to make s*** up before knowing the facts for clicks/likes. Nothing changed #PaulTyson.” Mike and Jake face off at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday, July 20. If you can’t be there in person, the fight will stream exclusively on Netflix.

Nicki Minaj is in the middle of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. She performed in Amsterdam on Thursday, hung out a couple cays and then headed to the airport for a flight to Manchester, England, where she was scheduled to perform Saturday night. But Nicki’s plan was thwarted when she was placed under arrest for packing marijuana in her luggage. Of course she live-streamed the whole thing. Her video shows a man telling her that officers want to search all her luggage because the officer “doesn’t believe you don’t have more with you than you said.” While cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, it is tolerated for recreational use. Apparently the officers thought Nicki was carrying way more than what would be considered recreational. Nicki demanded a lawyer multiple times before she finally got loaded into the paddy wagon. She was detained for about 6 hours before paying a fine for the crime of “exporting soft drugs” and was released. But because of her delay, Nicki had to cancel her show in Manchester, which has now been rescheduled for June 3. Nicki believes all this was orchestrated to sabotage her tour, but she didn’t say who was behind it.


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