Showbiz Top 5: Nicole Kidman knocked on her butt on NYC sidewalk

Jamie Foxx absent from event promoting school attendance….Celebrity down! Who knocked Nicole Kidman to the ground on an NYC sidewalk?…and wedding bells for Bravo’s Andy Cohen?

Oh, Jon Gosselin….Remember when he was hanging out on yachts in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht with his good buddy Christian Audigier? Yeah, I do believe Christian credited Jon with the Ed Hardy brand. Anyway, Jon’s come a long way since those days! According to the National Enquirer, Jon’s now waiting tables at Emily’s pub in Beckersville, PA. When an Enquirer reporter asked him what he was dong there, Jon said he was there to volunteer. But a source says the truth is, Jon’s living in a cabin and struggling to pay rent. And now he’s going to have to deal with a lawsuit from his ex-wife, Kate, for his involvement in a damaging tell-all book.

Jamie Foxx has a foundation that promotes children’s causes around the world. His foundation organized a rally at University High School in Newark, NJ, to promote attendance, and Jamie was scheduled to be the surprise guest! So the mayor showed up and the school board and they pulled all 750 students out of class to attend this event. And they’re waiting. And waiting. But Jamie’s people said he was still coming! He’d be there any minute! But after about an hour, word came that Jamie wasn’t going to make it. They blamed it on a scheduling conflict.

 One blurb on an obscure website and suddenly rumors were flying EVERYWHERE that Bravo’s Andy Cohen and former NHL hockey player Sean Avery are engaged!! And with Andy and Sean teasing each other about it on Twitter but neither confirming nor denying it, the rumor was out of control! Finally, Andy’s dad told that even though Andy is known to be great at keeping secrets, his son is not engaged. When dad was asked if Andy and Sean were dating, dad said, “That’s not necessarily true, either….Andy’s not dating anyone, to my knowledge.” Um…that’s not exactly clearing up rumors, dad!!! So this rumor is still alive. And true? Nah………

TMZ has the exclusive video of Nicole Kidman getting knocked on her butt in NYC! Nicole was heading into the Carlyle Hotel when a photographer came whizzing up on his bicycle and at the last second, he tried to stop. But when he hit the brake handles, his rear wheel catapulted over his front wheel, knocking Nicole to the sidewalk! She was shaken, but okay. The photographer — 19-year-old Carl Wu — was hit with three citations:  riding a bike on the sidewalk, riding a bike with no helmet and reckless endangerment.

“Us Weekly” is reporting that Khloe Kardashian is doing everything she can to stop Lamar Odom from spiraling out of control, so she’s cut off their joint credit cards, hoping he won’t have cash to buy drugs. But sources say now Lamar is pawning jewelry to pay for them. reported earlier that Lamar was blowing through $800 a day on his drug habit. A source says that even though Khloe knows their marriage is over, she can’t stand by and watch him die.

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