Paula Patton accuses Robin Thicke of child abuse

Keep hope alive for “Girl Meets World”… Amy Schumer’s Netflix stand-up special… Queen Latifah defends Mariah Carey… Michael Jackson episode cut… and Paula Patton accuses Robin Thicke of child abuse

If you — like my daughter — were distraught when you found out Disney was canceling “Girl Meets World” after three seasons. In fact, the last episode is next Friday. Well, keep hope alive! According to the show’s creator, he’s doing whatever he can to keep the show alive on another network or streaming service. He says talks are in the early stages but they ARE underway. He’ll keep us posted!

Netflix has already signed Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle for stand-up specials, and now they’ve added Amy Schumer to the fold! Her special will air on March 7. It was actually taped back in November during a gig in Denver. Amy says she is “very happy to be a part of the Netflix family for this special.” She said, “Maybe now they will look at my ‘Stranger Things’ audition tape to play the demogorgon for Season 2.”

Does Mariah Carey need defending for her NYE performance? She probably thinks so. Enter Queen Latifah, who totally has Mariah’s back. She told FOX411, “It may seem very simple but when you have a huge crowd around you, you’re using earbuds to hear, and you really can’t hear outside of that. They are kind of like noise canceling headphones, you know. So when they go off you can hear nothing and everything is moving around you.” In fact, Queen says the same thing happened to her at The Apollo theater, which she said is “obviously a place where you can get booed off of the stage and the turntables went out… the whole system went out.” She said, “Luckily, MC Hammer had this commercial at the time where he was drinking a Pepsi and it changed his voice, and he started singing this jazz song, and I sang that same song and people died laughing.”

When Paris Jackson saw Joseph Fiennes all dressed up as her dad, Michael Jackson, she said she was incredibly offended to the point that it made her want to vomit. In response to the Jackson family’s reaction, a spokesperson for the Sky Arts Urban Myths series says they are cutting the episode called “Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon” — a half-hour episode about Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson taking a road trip from New York to LA after 9/11.

Paula Patton went to court yesterday to request an emergency hearing. She’s asking a judge to restrict her ex-husband Robin Thicke’s access to their 6-year-old son Julian because he’s been physically abusive. In court documents, Paula claims she’s become concerned about Robin’s drinking and drug use and says that he’s been spanking Julian excessively. She would like the judge to restrict Robin to only monitored daytime visits. The judge denied the request for an emergency hearing, saying “there is insufficient showing of great or irreparable harm, immediate danger, or any other statutory basis.”


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