Pete Davidson Confirmed He’s Engaged To Ariana Grande

Lisa Marie Presley is broke… Another Tyga lawsuit… Jesse Williams has a BIG check to write… A hot Italian producer is with Selena Gomez… and Pete Davidson confirmed he’s engaged to Ariana Grande

Talk about Poor Little Rich Girl! Lisa Marie Presley says she is broke. She blames her former business manager Barry Siegel for squandering away her entire share of Elvis’ $100 million fortune. Well, almost her entire share. She says she has $14K left. One of the biggest bad investments came with an investment in the “American Idol” holding company, which went bankrupt when the show ended its first run in 2016. Lisa Marie also claims that Barry over-paid himself, taking a salary of just over $700K a year to manage her $100 million trust. But Barry’s firm has turned around and sued Lisa Marie, saying she’s broke because she spends too much. They want $800K in damages.

Another day, another lawsuit against Tyga. This time, it’s a booking agent who says he booked Tyga to perform at a club in Dubai back in April. He says he gave Tyga $120K up front plus another $21K to cover airfare for him and his entourage. But according to the lawsuit, Tyga was also working a deal with a rival club, trying to get even more money. But that backfired and Tyga ended up bailing. He promised to pay back the $141K but guess what………So now the booking agent is suing him for that plus damages in excess of $600K, which is what he says he would’ve profited from that gig.

A judge says “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams has to write his ex-wife a check for $100K a month — half of that for child support and the other half in alimony. The judge says based on Jesse’s “extraordinarily high income” of $521K a month, this seems like a fair amount to him. Jesse was shooting for way less that that. He said he already pays over $7K a month for school tuition, so he thought about $11K a month in child support would be sufficient. The judge didn’t see it the same way…

While Justin Bieber is doing whatever it is he’s doing with Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez is paying zero attention. She’s been hanging out in Rome with this hot Italian producer named Andrea Iervolino. Apparently, these two met on the set of “In Dubious Battle,” a 2016 Western produced by Andrea, directed by James Franco, and starring Selena.

Pete Davidson confirmed that it is absolutely true — he is engaged to Ariana Grande and “it’s (BLANKING) lit.” Pete told Jimmy Fallon last night that he feels like he won a contest. He said people are the street are showing him more respect and tipping their hats to him. He told Jimmy, “Some dude goes up to me and says, ‘Yo man, you gave me hope.’ I was like I didn’t know I was that ugly!”


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