Is Josh Elliott  gunning for Matt Lauer’s job?… O-Town is reuniting… Michael Jackson’s new music… Lindsay Lohan running short on funds… and Pharrell Williams will replace CeeLo Green on the “Voice”

Josh Elliott told ABC that if they wanted him to stay on “Good Morning America,” he would need $8 million and George Stephanopoulos’ seat. ABC said there was no way they’d bump George down a notch and they’d go no higher than $4 million, so Josh left GMA for NBC Sports. But a source told Page Six that Josh has a non-compete, meaning he can’t start his new job for six months. And even though he has a deal with NBC Sports, the source says Josh is actually gunning for Matt Lauer’s job on the “Today” show.

O-Town is reuniting. The first and most obvious question is “WHY?” And the second question after that would be, “How do you think you can have O-Town without that heartthrob, Ashley Parker Angel??” Remember, O-Town released its second and last studio album, “O2,” in 2002. They officially broke up in 2004 “to escape an unfair record contract and to pursue individual endeavors.” Ashley tried a solo career and had his own reality show on MTV and everything, but that fizzled out. He’s still not interested in reuniting with his O-Town brothers, though. He says he’s been busy acting, working on his music, and hitting the gym 5 days a week. We’ll have more information about the rest of the guys’ reunion efforts in the next few weeks.

Can you believe we’re getting new Michael Jackson music?? It’s been almost 5 years since Michael passed away. His estate gave LA Reid and Timbaland permission to “contemporize” 8 previously unreleased tracks for an album called “Xscape,” which is due May 13. There will be a deluxe edition that includes the original recordings as well as the “contemporized” versions. You can pre-order on iTunes today.

Lindsay Lohan had to let go of her sober coach and personal assistant because she was running short on funds, but how bad have things gotten? Lindsay reportedly was shopping at Rag & Bone in Soho this weekend and put about $300 worth of stuff on the counter. But when she tried to pay, her credit card was declined. So Lindsay pulled out a second card, and that was declined, too! A source says she was completely embarrassed and tried to negotiate with the clerk before her friend took care of the bill.

“The Voice” announced that Pharrell Williams will replace CeeLo Green as a coach next season! CeeLo’s fill-in, Usher, tweeted, “Congratulations to my brother @Pharrell for joining #TheVoice as a new judge on Season 7. RT to show my boy some love! #Happy” No word yet on whether Cristina Aguilera will return. Shakira is currently filling her spot in the rotating judge’s chair.


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