Showbiz Top 5: Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s final scenes in “The Hunger Games”

Jay Leno’s last night on the “Tonight Show”… Leonardo DiCaprio has never done drugs… Juan Pablo nude pics leaked… Demi Lovato is serious about her sobriety… and Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s final scenes in “The Hunger Games”

After 22 years, Jay Leno gave his last “Tonight Show” monologue and said his final goodbye last night. His wife Mavis and their close friends were in the audience, and Jay got sentimental and shed some tears when he talked about all that’s happened since he took over for Johnny Carson, including the loss of his parents and his brother. But there were some fun moments, too. Billy Crystal, Jack Black, Kim Kardashian, Sheryl Crow, Jim Parsons and Oprah were among those who popped up to sing Jay their own special version of “So Long, Farewell” from “The Sound of Music.” And then after he got choked saying goodbye, Garth Brooks came out to sing, “The Dance.”

Believe it or not, Leonardo DiCaprio told the LA Times that he’s never done drugs. Ever. He said, “That’s because I saw this stuff literally every day when I was 3 or 4 years old.” Leo says he grew up in a part of LA that was teeming with gangs, prostitution and drug addicts. Because of that, he said, “Hollywood was a walk in the park for me.” It’s not that he hasn’t been around it. Leo said he’d go to all the parties and there was that temptation, but he never gave in. So how did he manage to play such a convincing addict in “The Wolf of Wall Street” then? He said he was coached by the real-life Wolf, Jordan Belfort. is reporting that Bachelor Juan Pablo likes the way he looks naked. So he took a picture of himself and sent it to the woman who received his final rose. Apparently, she was so impressed that she forwarded the photo to a few of her friends, and one of them shared it with Radar!

Demi Lovato is serious about her sobriety. She’s so serious that she has banned drugs and alcohol from her upcoming “Neon Lights” tour, which kicks off Sunday night in Vancouver and runs through May 17 with her final show in Monterrey, Mexico. She told Extra, “Everyone on the team is required to stay clean and focused. It’s not about trying to party. It’s about putting on the best show and everyone needs to be in tip top shape.” She said, “That’s how it should be for every tour.”

According to Page Six, Lionsgate plans to digitally-recreate Phillip Seymour Hoffman for his final scenes in “The Hunger Games.” Phillip played head game maker Plutarch Heavensbee. He’d already completed most of his scenes for Part 1, but still had seven days left to shoot on Part 2. Because of technology, they’ll be able to include him in some key scenes to round out his storyline.


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