Snapchat will start ads… Prince’s spot on the Walk of Fame… Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal reconnect… Lil Wayne suffers another seizure… and Police called to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Los Angeles home

With Snapchat getting around 10 billion views a day, you knew it was coming — Snap Ads! Why create an app if you can’t make money off of it? Recently, Snapchat announced they will start placing ads between friends’ stories, and companies like Hollister, Verizon, Warner Brothers and Proctor & Gamble are already on board. In their official statement, Snapchat promises to “run only top-notch creative” and that they’ll be “careful about how many ads Snapchatters see.” They also said, “From time to time, we’ll provide a skippable Snap Ad when a Snapchatter watches a string of Stories. These Snaps Ads only appear between Stories — they don’t interrupt a Story you’re currently watching.”

Prince was constantly turning down honors, including two offers to have a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. But now he has been added to the Apollo Theater’s Walk of Fame. The ceremony was hosted by LL Cool J and included performances by the O’Jays, Andra Day and Leon Bridges. Members of the New Power Generation and a Prince impersonator who looks nothing like Prince were there, too.

Just last week, it was rumored that Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Victoria’s Secret model Roxy Horner. But this week, he’s rumored to be dating Victoria’s Secret model, Nina Agdal. They were seen being fun and flirtatious at a mutual friend’s birthday party in the Hamptons this weekend. Leo and Nina dated briefly a couple years ago, and apparently those lustful feelings were reignited.

Lil Wayne was on a private plane flying from Milwaukee to California when he suffered two seizures, forcing the pilot to make not one, but two emergency landings in Omaha. The first time the pilot landed, Weezy refused to seek medical attention and re-boarded the plane. But minutes after taking off, he suffered another seizure and the pilot turned back around for another landing. At that point, Weezy agreed to go the the hospital. Lil Wayne has said he’s suffered epileptic seizures since childhood and claims to have quit drinking sizzurp a few years ago because of his seizures. But last night in Milwaukee he was seen double-cupping it. Double-cupping what, we don’t know…

While Johnny Depp hides out on his island in the Bahamas, he had his people go over to his home in LA to remove some of his personal belongings. Amber Heard’s legal team called the police because she believed they were in violation of the restraining order that she has against Johnny. Johnny was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the home they shared, but his people said they had the right to take some of his things — like clothing and a few pieces of furniture — as part of a move-out order before a trial on Friday. But Amber’s team argued that since Johnny isn’t even in town, there was no rush to get his stuff and therefore, they are violating the restraining order. In the end, Johnny’s people carried a couple of “non-essential” things back into the house, but they were allowed to take some of his clothes. Meantime, a source tells People that Johnny is doing okay and he’s happy to be on his private island. The source says he wants to see his kids, but otherwise is not looking forward to going back to LA tomorrow to prepare for Friday’s hearing. At the hearing, a judge will decide whether or not to extend Amber’s temporary restraining order. According to TMZ, Amber’s lawyer just filed a declaration saying she’s withdrawing her request for temporary spousal support. Reportedly, Amber only asked for it because she thought it was standard procedure in a divorce case. But she does reserve the right to go after spousal support after the restraining order issue is settled.


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