Police kick down Lindsay Lohan’s door after meltdown

Weekend box office news… Is Iggy Azalea rebounding?… Lil Wayne walks off stage… Kim K & Calvin Harris help celebrate JLo’s birthday… and Police kick down Lindsay Lohan’s door after meltdown

“Star Trek Beyond” won the box office this weekend, with just under $60 million. It features one of the last performances by Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov. He died in a freak car accident a month ago.  Second place went to “The Secret Life of Pets” with $29.3 million. Third was the new horror movie “Lights Out” with $21.6 million. “Ghostbusters” was right behind in fourth with $21.5 million. And “Ice Age: Collision Course,” which just so happens to be the fifth installment of this cartoon franchise, earned only $21 million for a fifth place finish in its opening weekend.

It could be a rebound thing or it could be the start of something beautiful. But Iggy Azalea was scheduled to perform a set at the Jewel nightclub inside the Aria Resort & Casino Saturday night. According to E! News, while she was seated in VIP waiting to perform, French Montana and his entourage showed up and sat nearby. French and Iggy began chatting and seemed to be getting a little flirty. Then when Iggy got up onstage to perform her 20 minute set, she flashed the peace sign to French. When she came offstage, she went right back to flirting with French and the two of them ended up leaving together around 2:30am.

High Times magazine says they’re still waiting for an explanation as to why Lil Wayne walked off four songs into his performance at the Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup Saturday night. Out of nowhere, Lil Wayne says, “Don’t you ever, ever, ever ask me to do this s*** again.” And then he just left!

Calvin Harris just loves taking little jabs at his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. On Saturday, he posted a video of himself dancing around the kitchen lip-syncing to Kanye West’s music. And that night, Calvin was hanging out with Kim Kardashian at Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday party, photos of which also made it on social media.

Calvin Harris Snapcat

#vegasnights happy bday @jlo #southbronx @kimkardashian #turnuptime 🎉🎉 #mc4

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Lindsay Lohan is living her life out loud on social media. She went off on her fiancé Egor Tarabasov — the 23-year-old son of a Russion billionaire. First she posted, Thanks for not coming home tonight,” and then accused him of cheating on her. She posted a video of Egor with a Russian socialite named Dasha Pashevkina and captioned it, “Wow thanks #fiance with Russian hooker…” She later posted Dasha’s home address and email and then went on a rant about Donald Trump, which she later deleted. After that, Lindsay posted a link to her 2009 movie “Labor Pains” along with, “Lindsay Lohan labour pains trailer — I am pregnant!!” I guess Egor decided it was time to come home, and that’s when it really hit the fan. Cops were called out to Lindsay’s London apartment after she ran out onto the balcony at 5am screaming, “He just strangled me! He almost killed me!” A neighbor across the street videoed the whole thing. She kept yelling that he’d strangled and beat her before and telling him to get out. A short time later, police arrived and when nobody answered the door, they broke it down. Nobody was inside.

Watch Lindsay Lohan’s meltdown HERE!


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