New stuff on Netflix… Spencer Pratt giving son an iPhone at birth… Lucille Ball movie in the works… LL Cool J can’t remember his lines… and President Trump not invited to Hurricane Harvey Telethon

It’s September! And you know what that means… stuff on Netflix!! “Narcos” and “Fuller House” are both back for their third seasons while “Bojack Horseman” is back for season four. And the movie Angelina Jolie was filming as her marriage fell apart — “First They Killed My Father” — is making its Netflix debut. Also, you can catch Jerry Seinfeld’s standup special, “Jerry Before Jerry”…the Lady Gaga documentary, “Gaga: Five Foot Two”…and Disney’s live version of “Beauty and the Beast!”

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are expecting a baby boy in October, and he recently told KKMS friend Theo Von on his podcast, that his kid will have an iPhone at birth! Spencer said, “I’m gonna teach this kid how to Snap when they’re born, like, ‘Put your finger here.’” Spencer said, “We live in a new world where everyone’s a fame (ho), so I’m happy to let him be at an advanced level. I would just like my baby to be a professional content maker.” Spencer and Heidi have already picked out their son’s name, which they’re not sharing just yet. But they did already lock down all the available social media handles.

They’re putting all the pieces in place to do a movie about the life of Lucille Ball. This movie is authorized and produced by Lucy’s children, Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr. Cate Blanchett has been cast as Lucy. Now the National Enquirer says producers think Javier Bardem would make an awesome Desi Arnaz, known as Ricky Ricardo on “I Love Lucy.” And they say Amy Schumer is being considered for the part of Vivian Vance, who played Lucy’s best friend Ethel Mertz. But who in the world could play Fred???

LL Cool J is a nice guy. Show me anyone who says otherwise! In fact, he’s so nice that even though he’s been doing “NCIS: LA” for eight years — for which he earns half a million per episode! — that they let him get away with forgetting his lines….like, all the time. An on-set source told Star magazine, “It’s painful. He’s a great guy, and he really tries, but rarely does a day’s shoot go by without him having to be fed some lines.” But the source adds, “If he WASN’T such a nice person, there would be way more people kicking up a stink. But it’s difficult to be angry with him, though, because he’s genuinely lovely.”

Telethon organizer Bun B. says President Trump will not be invited to participate in the Hurricane Harvey telethon on September 12 UNLESS he’s there with former presidents, and especially our most recent former President Barack Obama. Bun told TMZ, “Putting Trump on by himself would send the wrong message and people wouldn’t buy the sincerity of it.” He said the president isn’t a symbol of unity and it would rub people the wrong way. BUT! He said he thinks putting Trump up there with ALL the former presidents would show unity. And he said it would be even better if Trump and Obama would stand shoulder-to-shoulder because it would show that two men embroiled in deep conflict can still come together for a noble purpose.


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