Prince Harry Pleaded With His Soon-To-Be Father-In-Law

Soap opera classic episodes… Clare Crawley will get her shot… Rachel McAdams says it’d be ‘fun’… ARod & JLo want to buy the Mets… and Prince Harry pleaded with his soon-to-be father-in-law

Maybe you watched with your grandma…maybe you scheduled your college classes around your favorite…but there are only a handful of daytime soap operas still on the air. As of this Thursday, “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” will air their last, original episodes before coronavirus shut everything down. CBS has announced that starting Monday, they will go back into the vault and pull out episodes dating back as far as 1990. Let’s be honest, they need to dig deeper. And “The Bold and the Beautiful” will also air two documentary-style episodes featuring behind-the-scenes footage that originally aired on PopTV. On some of the episodes, we’ll get an added bonus of cast members giving their thoughts on the storylines.

The coronavirus also caused things to grind to a halt for Clare Crawley’s season as “The Bachelorette.” On the bright side, it gave producers time to interview more age-appropriate choices for her. ABC promises Clare will eventually get to start making out in hot tubs and taking all those helicopter rides, and they are also considering a quarantine-themed spinoff called…..wait for it….. “Bachelor in Quarantine.” If you’re a fan of “The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,” you’ll be happy to know that they were able to finish that before quarantine, so you’ll get to see all of it. But after that wraps, then what? Chris Harrison says he and show creator Mike Fleiss have discussed doing some specials or retrospectives while production is shut down.

We know Lindsay Lohan is on board, but now Rachel McAdams says she’d be up for another “Mean Girls,” too! And if Rachel is feeling it, maybe Tina Fey’s feeling the same way! During a livestream for Heroes of Health: COVID-19, someone asked Rachel about doing another “Mean Girls,” and she said, “It would be fun to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!” Lindsay recently told David Spade that she wanted to come back with a “Mean Girls 2” with the same cast, the same director, and of course, the same writer, Tina Fey. “But,” she said, “That’s all in their hands, really.”

Back in 2000, Alex Rodriguez turned down the Mets and took a $252M deal to play with the Rangers. Now, he wants to own the team. He and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly working a deal with JPMorgan to come up with an offer. The Mets are currently owned by real estate developer Fred Wilpon. Back in December, the Wilpon family announced they were going to sell 80 percent of the team to some hedge fund manager, but negotiations fell apart in February. At the time, the bid was $2.6B.

Meghan Markle is suing Associated Newspapers and the “Mail on Sunday” for publishing excerpts of a personal letter she wrote to her father 3 months after she married Prince Harry. Now, remember how Thomas Markle was telling everybody who would listen to him that Meghan had cut him off and refused to speak to him? After he got all gussied up to stage paparazzi photos, Thomas was so embarrassed, he said he wasn’t coming to the wedding. Yesterday, Meghan’s lawyers provided proof that she and Harry tried calling and texting her dad repeatedly, begging him to answer their calls, telling him there was no need to apologize for anything and offering their help. And when Thomas claimed Meghan didn’t reach out to him after his heart attack, that was another lie. It turns out, she found out he’d had a heart attack just like we did — from TMZ! And when he finally texted Meghan, she texted right back, “I’ve been reaching out to you all weekend but you’re not taking any of our calls or replying to any texts…” She also told him how concerned she was about his health and safety and offered to send a security team down AGAIN after he’d rejected them the first time. Now we have to wait and see how Thomas responds, and you know it will be on TMZ.

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