Katie Couric will guest host Jeopardy… The ‘Punky Brewster’ reboot has a premiere date… Lil Nas X book “C IS FOR COUNTRY”… Chris Pratt accidentally reveals he’s going to be in next Thor… and Prince William & Kate Middleton are coming to California to visit Harry & Meghan

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Alex Trebek’s final episodes of “Jeopardy!” air this week. These episodes were actually supposed to run during Christmas week, but Sony pushed them back. Starting Monday, Ken Jennings will guest host for a week. And then after that? Katie Couric steps up to the podium as guest host. These are obviously auditions for the permanent role.

Get excited, all you Punky Brewster fans! Peacock is bringing back the reboot on February 25, dropping 10 episodes at once. The original show aired from 1984-1988. On the updated version, Soleil Moon Frye is back as Punky, who is now a single mom raising three kids. Freddie Prinze Jr. plays her ex-husband, Travis, while Cherie Johnson is back a Punky’s best friend, Cherie. A young actress named Quinn Copeland plays Izzy, a girl in the foster care system who reminds Punky of herself at that age.

Is he joking or is he hurting for cash? Either way, Lil Nas X Tweeted “MY CHILDREN’S BOOK ‘C IS FOR COUNTRY’ IS OUT NOW!!!! GO GET IT PLEASE I REALLY NEED TO PAY MY RENT!” The book is recommended for ages 3 to 7 and takes readers on “a joyous journey through the alphabet from sunup to sundown.” He tweeted some of the pages from his book. Little Lil Nas X is the star and he’s drawn all sorts of fabulous. Except in his book, F isn’t for fabulous. It’s for fringe, feathers and fake fur. P is for Panini, but in his children’s book, Panini is a pony. And S is for swag, because as Little Lil Nas X says, “Just ‘cause I’m going to be doesn’t mean I can’t look good.”

Was it a slip or a calculated move? During an Instagram Live chat, Chris Pratt was telling Tom Holland about his upcoming projects. He said, “I’ve got Guardians coming. And I’ve got Thor. I’ll be in Thor in Australia, so I’ll be traveling to Australia in about a week…” Tom looked a little surprised and said, “Wait a minute. Did you just say you’re going to be in Thor? That’s so crazy.” Chris said, “Yeah… am I not supposed to say that?” And Tom answered, “I feel like no one knew that, bro.” “Thor: Love And Thunder” is scheduled for release in February of 2022.

This could be a sign that the dust has settled and tensions are easing a bit in the Royal Family. A source told “Us Weekly” that for the first time since 2014, Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning a trip to the US, and a visit to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be on the itinerary! The source said, “It’s certainly been a roller-coaster for everyone involved, especially the brothers, who are vowing not to let things get this out of hand in the future and have learned a lot from this difficult experience. But at some point in 2021, the Cambridges will travel to Santa Barbara and see the Sussexes on their new home turf.” A separate source told “OK!” that William and Kate are fascinated by American history and culture and would love to travel across the country to visit our national parks.

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