R. Kelly’s Former Lawyer Says The Singer Is “Guilty As Hell.”

Demi Lovato has #selflove… Taylor Swift’s aggressive stalker… Jussie Smollett investigation continues… Michael Jackson is removed from “The Simpsons”… and R. Kelly’s former lawyer says the singer is “guilty as hell.”

Today is International Women’s Day! And let’s celebrate a strong woman we almost lost last year — Demi Lovato! She recently broke up with her rehab boyfriend, Henry Levy. A source told E! News (They’re going by SHE! News today!) that none of Demi’s family approved of that relationship because it happened just 3 months after she almost died from an overdose and they wanted her to focus on herself and her health. So everyone in her circle is relieved that this relationship is over fairly quickly. But Demi decided to show herself some love and sent herself a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. She even wrote her own note — “You’re beautiful, you’re loved and you’re worthy of a happy and healthy life.”

One of Taylor Swift’s most aggressive stalkers was arrested early yesterday morning after he climbed a ladder to the second-floor window of her townhouse in Tribeca. ABC News says about 2:30am, 23-year-old Roger Alvarado then used a brick to break the glass, which tripped an alarm. But before police arrived, he went inside and tried to grab some of Taylor’s things. In February 2018, this same guy was arrested for trying to break into this same townhouse using a shovel. Then in April, he successfully broke into Taylor’s home, took a shower and fell asleep in her bed! In December he was sentenced to six months in prison and got credit for time served. He also had to complete a mental health program, which obviously wasn’t very affective.

Chicago police are investigating their own. They’ve launched an internal investigation into who leaked details on the Jussie Smollett case. A police spokesman told TMZ, “When there are allegations of information being leaked, an internal investigation has been opened and we are also looking at our vulnerabilities.” Meantime, the hospital where Jussie was treated after this alleged hoax has fired dozens of employees who couldn’t help peaking at Jussie’s records without authorization.

After watching “Leaving Neverland,” the creator, executive producer and show runner for “The Simpsons” decided to pull an episode featuring Michael Jackson’s voice from recirculation. Executive producer James L. Brooks said it felt “clearly the only choice to make” and that the three of them “were of one mind on this.” The episode titled “Stark Raving Dad” kicked off season three in 1991. Homer ended up in a mental institution where he met this big white guy named Leon Kompowsky, who believes he’s Michael Jackson. Michael offered to do the voice of the character and was originally credited under the name “John Jay Smith.” But while Michael spoke the character’s lines, they used a voice double to sing for him.

Ed Genson is the attorney who helped R. Kelly beat child pornography charges back in 2008. Last year, he was diagnosed with terminal bile duct cancer and given 90 days to live. Even though he beat the 90 days, Genson knows his time is limited, and he’s ready to talk. He told the Chicago Sun-Times, “I can say whatever I want, but we’ve got to do it fast!” He went on to say that R. Kelly was “guilty as hell!” But he said that he made R. Kelly go to the doctor for libido-killing shots, which is why he didn’t get arrested for anything else. Genson also told the paper that he was certain R. Kelly was attracted to young girls because of the lyrics to his songs, and even got him to change them to avoid making him look bad in court. And because he helped him beat the charges, Genson said, R. Kelly thinks he’s “bulletproof” and “can do whatever the hell he wants. He has done everything he can to hurt himself.”


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