Rachel Lindsay Gets Engaged

Malia Obama lost her cell phone… Robert Pattinson having dinner with Katy Perry… Taylor Swift showed up at the courthouse… Chris Brown comments on Rihanna’s pic… and Rachel Lindsay gets engaged

You lose your cell phone. It happens. But when it happens to the former First Daughter, it’s a bit more complicated for her than it is for us common folks. Malia Obama had a lot of fun at Lollapalooza in Chicago over the weekend. She was videoed rolling around on the ground while The Killers performed and that’s when she apparently lost her iPhone. Page Six reported that she was later seen visiting the Apple store with her Secret Service agents, but they ran into a huge problem. Malia’s phone was set up for her by the White House, so she didn’t know her Apple ID or the password.

Robert Pattinson asked FKA Twigs to marry him a couple years ago but he recently told Howard Stern that he’s still “kind of engaged.” Then she posts a picture on Instagram and she’s not wearing her engagement ring. And then somebody at the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA snapped a picture of Robert having dinner with Katy Perry. Of course, Rob and Katy’s people are saying they’re just friends. But now we’re hearing that the restaurant fired three servers — not for taking the photo but for not preventing a guest from taking the picture and then selling it to the tabloids.

Taylor Swift showed up at the federal courthouse in Denver yesterday to watch the jury selection in her trail against a former morning show DJ she claims groped her bottom during a meet-and-greet four years ago. DJ David Mueller initially sued her, saying she lied about the butt grab and that it cost him his job. So she turned around and sued him for assault and battery. Taylor is expected to testify in the case this week.

Rihanna got all dressed up in a bedazzled bra and panties, feathered wings and a turquoise wig for the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. She wanted us to see so she posted a picture of her festival outfit on Instagram, but out of the tens of thousands of comments, the only one people seemed to notice was the one from Chris Brown, who posted that emoji of a couple of eyeballs. That was all it took! The Rihanna Navy responded angrily, “Leave her alone!” “Stay away from her!” “I hate you!” Rihanna hasn’t responded.

the @aura_experience caught by @dennisleupold #BARBADOS #cropover2017 #culture

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America is upset with Rachel Lindsay for choosing a ring and a proposal over love. SPOILER ALERT!!! Rachel chose Bryan over Peter. And if you’re looking for people who share your same level of anger, disappointment and disgust, just head to Twitter and search #TheBacheloretteFinale.

“Lord, I pray that I never become so obsessed with the idea of marriage that I settle for just anyone.”

“We all thought she was the most genuine one and in the end all she cared about was the ring.”

“I have never felt this disgusted and grossed out by a proposal in my life. What a waste.”

“First Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separate, now Rachel’s engages to Bryan… Love is dead…”


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