Rapper Juice WRLD is dead at 21

Weekend box office news… Steve Harvey had it right… Snooki is retiring… Simon Cowell retains lawyer… and Rapper Juice WRLD is dead at 21

“Frozen 2” is still number one after 3 weeks, taking in another $34.7M. It’s earned $337M in the US ALONE and should hit the billion dollar mark globally before the end of the year. Coming in second was “Knives Out” with $14.5M and third place belongs to “Ford v. Ferrari” with $6.6M.

Everybody is blasting Steve Harvey for messing up AGAIN, but it turns out…he was right! Last night when Steve announced that Miss Philippines had won the National Costume competition, the woman standing next to him was NOT Miss Philippines. In fact, she took the mic from Steve and said, “It’s not Philippines. It’s Malaysia.” Steve explained he was just reading the teleprompter and then told the producers in the control booth, “Y’all gotta quit doing this to me. I can read! They’re trying to fix it now, but this is what did to me back in 2015. Played me short like that.” Remember, that’s the year he announced Miss Colombia won Miss Universe when it was actually Miss Philippines. Well, guess what!!! In the wee hours this morning, the Miss Universe organization tweeted that Steve had it RIGHT! Miss Philippines DID win National Costume. Somebody else apparently screwed up and pulled Miss Malaysia to his side. By the way, congratulations to Miss South Africa, who was crowned Miss Universe.

Snooki announced on her podcast that if “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” comes back for season 4, she won’t be there. Snooki now has 3 kids — 7-year-old Lorenzo Dominic, 5-year-old Giovanna Marie and 6-month-old Angelo James, and she said she simply hates being away from her kids. Plus, she said, “I don’t like partying three days in a row. It’s just not my life anymore.” But apparently, this is news to her fellow cast members. A source told Us Weekly, “It came as a surprise to more than one of them.”

Simon Cowell has lawyered up. NBC has launched an investigation into Gabrielle Union’s complaints of a toxic environment on “America’s Got Talent.” Many of her complaints had to do with Simon. Since he’s busy shooting “The X Factor” in London, he hired big time attorney Larry Stein to look out for his interests while he’s across the pond.

The young rapper Juice WRLD had just flown to Chicago in a private jet. His entourage said he was in a great mood and everything seemed fine, but shortly after landing early Sunday morning, Juice WRLD suffered a seizure. Even though there are reports that he was conscious in the ambulance, he was pronounced dead in the emergency room. Juice WRLD had just celebrated his 21st birthday six days earlier. His fans are pointing out the irony in the lyrics to Juice WRLD’s 2018 song, “Legends,” that said, “What’s the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21.”

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