Reserve your seats… Robert Pattinson has tested positive… Prince Harry & Meghan are “financially independent”… Cara Delevingne & Halsey ‘secretly dating’… and Rihanna is recovering after an accident

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Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” opened in the US this weekend with $20.2M. Normally, this would be considered a bomb, but this is actually the biggest opening since movie theaters have slowly started to reopen since the onset of the pandemic. “New Mutants” earned $3.5M in its second weekend, while Russell Crowe’s thriller “Unhinged” took in another $1.7M. Meantime, “Mulan” was released on Disney+ on Friday. All you have to do is plunk down another $30 in addition to your monthly membership. We’re still waiting on Disney to announce how much the movie’s earned so far, but we do know that the release of “Mulan” gave Disney+ 68% spike in downloads. Back in July, they saw a 79% spike with the release of “Hamilton.”

Robert Pattinson is one of the stars of “Tenet,” but next up, we get to see him as the new Batman. Filming finally began in London last week, but they had to shut ‘er down after only 3 days. Robert tested positive for COVID-19. It is not known if he was experiencing symptoms or asymptomatic. There were reports the movie would continue to film things without him, but the movie studio said that story is false and production will resume after Robert and everyone else quarantines for two weeks.

“Newsweek” is reporting that Prince Harry, at 35, is no longer receiving money from his daddy. Prince Charles had been giving Harry and Meghan an unknown amount of money since they gave up that Royal life. But Harry and Meghan signed a deal with Netflix that’s rumored to be anywhere from $50M-$100M, so they’re good for a while. It’s also being reported that Harry and Meghan made good on their promise to British taxpayers, and they have repaid the $3M in public funds used to renovate their home at Frogmore Cottage, which is where they lived right after they were married. The Queen still owns Frogmore Cottage, and whenever Harry and Meghan come back for a visit, that is where they will stay.

So a couple weeks ago, it looked like Cara Delevingne had rebounded from her split with Ashley Benson with Kaia Gerber. But now it’s being rumored that Cara is hooking up with Halsey, and Kaia was spotted out on a date with Jacob Elordi. Jacob was most recently rumored to be dating his “Euphoria” co-star Zendaya, but sources say they recently split. Meantime, Sofia Richie may finally be done for good with Scott Disick. She and Jaden Smith had a fun, flirty date at the beach over the Labor Day weekend. Sofia and Jaden actually dated 7 years ago, but that fizzled out pretty quickly, as teen romances tend to do. But she may have finally realized she has more in common with another 22-year-old than she did with 37-year-old Scott.

Fans were worried after they saw pictures of Rihanna on Friday with a black eye and swollen face. Her rep issued a statement that Rihanna had an unfortunate incident with an electric scooter that left her with bruises on her forehead and face. The rep added, “Luckily, there were no major injuries and she is healing quickly.”

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