Rihanna Named Baby Boy RZA

Celebrity weddings… Shakira single in Miami… Jamie Foxx’s family preparing… Beyoncé kicks off world tour… and Rihanna named baby boy RZA

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Surprise! A couple celebrities sneaked off to get married. This past weekend, Sia married Dan Bernard at Dolce and Gabbana’s Villa Olivetti in Portofino, Italy — the same place Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker last year. Sia is a close friend of the Kardashians and must’ve fallen in love with the location. Sia kept it super intimate, with only 6 people there to witness the candle ceremony. I cannot find out who this Dan Bernard person is, but one social media post referred to him as a doctor. And “Selling Sunset” fans watched Chrishell Stause pick up the pieces of her shattered life after Justin Hartley blindsided her with a divorce. Then we watched Chrishell try to convince her boyfriend boss to make a baby with her, only to end up exes. But shortly after the season wrapped, Chrishell met G Flip — a non-binary singer from Australia — and by the time they filmed the reunion show, Chrishell announced she and G Flip were a couple. Fast forward about a year later, Chrishelle and G Flip eloped to Vegas. Chrishell announced the marriage in a video montage, captioning it, “Love doesn’t always go as planned…Sometimes it’s immeasurably better.” And the song that’s playing is G Flip’s new song “I’ll Be Your Man,” which the two of them wrote together.

Shakira is making the most of single life in Miami! This weekend she went to the Formula 1 Race where Tom Cruise reportedly became so smitten, he sent her flowers the next day. But a source has told Us Weekly that Shakira has no interest in dating him. That same weekend, Shakira went to Cipriani for dinner and was passing by Lewis Hamilton’s table when cameras caught them smiling and acknowledging each other. Lewis was there with some buddies and his date, Brazilian model Juliana Nalu. After some pleasantries, Shakira went on her way. But then yesterday, paparazzi caught pictures of Shakira boarding a yacht outside her $20M waterfront mansion, and Lewis was there to keep her steady! By the way, no Juliana in sight….

Back on April 11, Jamie Foxx was rushed to the hospital. The next day, his daughter Corinne posted on her Instagram that Jamie had suffered a “medical complication” but “due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery.” That message has since been deleted and there’s been no official statement from the family since. Jamie’s friends keep saying he’s doing better, but we need to keep praying. But this morning, FandomWire posted this headline: “Jamie Foxx Family Reportedly Preparing for ‘Worst Case Scenario’ as Brain Issue Keeps $170M Rich Oscar Winning Marvel Star Shackled to Hospital Bed.” But in the article, it says, “A source recently reported to a media outlet (which one?) that Foxx’s family and close friends might be preparing for the worst-case scenario.” This site also had a link to another article that claimed Jamie had suffered a heart attack and had to be revived by doctors. Their “sources” said, “The desperate emergency room physicians likely saved his life! He’s very lucky he got the treatment he did.” In that same article, it talked about RadarOnline’s report that said, “Jamie suffered from high blood pressure, which doctors say can cause clots in the brain leading to a stroke. Doctors believe this was a long time coming, and really, if they hadn’t acted fast, Jamie might as well be a goner.”

Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour last night in Stockholm, Sweden — her first tour in over four years. In 3 hours, Beyoncé went through 7 outfit changes as she performed 36 songs, opening with “Dangerously In Love 2” and closing with “Summer Renaissance.” You can find the entire setlist on line, so you can plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. And if you do go, make sure you stick around till the very end because Beyoncé flies away on a chrome horse. The North American leg of the tour starts July 8 in Toronto and ends Sept. 27 in New Orleans.

It took almost a year, but we finally know the name of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son. Daily Mail obtained a copy of the birth certificate, which was filed five days before the baby’s first birthday on May 13. And his name is……………..RZA Athelston Mayers! The baby is named after Wu-Tang Clan’s leader RZA. If you look back at some photos of Rihanna and baby RZA over the past year, you’ll see that she often wore a Wu-Tang Clan shirt. Baby RZA shares the same middle name with his daddy, whose real name is Rakim Athelston Mayers. And keeping with a family tradition, A$AP’s mama named him Rakim after her favorite 80s hip-hop duo, Eric B. & Rakim.


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