Showbiz Top 5: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together?

Baby mama drama for Simon Cowell?…A health scare for Honey Boo Boo’s dad…Chris Brown turns himself in…and Reality Steve got it all wrong on The Bachelorette!

 So Simon Cowell’s future baby mama claims her estranged husband — who happens to be Simon’s now former BFF Andrew Silverman — knew they were seeing each other and it was all cool because they were separated at the time. Not true, says Page Six! Their sources say that Lauren Silverman would lie to her husband, saying she was going to visit her mom in Miami when she was actually hooking up with Simon. Lauren even figured out an excuse to fly to England so she could be there for Simon’s “Britain’s Got Talent” finale on June 8. And that would be about the time she got knocked up. Simon dumped her before she found out she was pregnant and has no intention of rekindling their romance. As a matter of fact, he’s now vacationing in St. Tropez with his ex-fiancee and a couple other ex-girlfriends in St. Tropez.

While we’re tuning in each week to laugh at “Honey Boo Boo,” there’s been some serious drama going on behind the scenes. Honey Boo Boo’s daddy, Sugar Bear, has been fighting this mystery illness all summer. Mama June posted on her Facebook page that Sugar Bear’s been having fainting spells and doctors haven’t been able to determine a cause. So now the family has moved into a hotel room is Jacksonville, Florida, so Sugar Bear can undergo neurological testing at the nearby Mayo Clinic.

Chris Brown was supposed to turn himself in today for that hit-and-run accident from a couple months ago. But Chris pulled a fast one on us! To avoid the paparazzi, his attorney arranged for Chris to turn himself in yesterday, which he did. TMZ found out that Chris showed up at the  Van Nuys jail about 2pm — not a paparazzi in sight. He was booked and released on his own recognizance. The whole thing ate up 45 minutes of Chris’ afternoon. Psssht.

 Are we going with Robsten? Pattistew? Patwart? We might have to come up with another cutesy couple name because Robert Pattinson was photographed pulling up in front of Kristen Stewart’s house yesterday. He tried to be all incognito, driving a white Durango with out-of-state plates, but one observant paparazzo for X17 got a photo.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Reality Steve got it………..WRONG. After Brooks took himself out of the competition last week, Steve said that Brooks would return, tell Des he made a huge mistake, and she would give him her final rose. He couldn’t have been more wrong! Brooks never showed his face. Des dumped Drew within the first 10 minutes of a 2 hour show, so Des had to convince herself she wasn’t in love with Brooks, she was actually in love with CHRIS. It’s just that she was too confused by her love for Brooks to realize that she had all this deep-down, buried feelings of love for the guy who wouldn’t leave! So second choice Chris got the final rose, and he and Des are engaged. At least for now. And the new Bachelor was announced last night. And it’s fan favorite Juan Pablo!! Des barely gave him the time of day and he had about 5 minutes of airtime before she dismissed him. But the ladies went wild whenever he uttered a word during the “Men Tell All” special and producers realized then and there that they had their next Bachelor. But we have to wait until January to watch Juan Pablo begin his search for everlasting love.


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