Top 10 TV shows… ‘America’s Got Talent’: Season 19 kicks off… Jelly Roll only wears socks once… Jennifer Lopez weak ticket sales… and Rolling Stone publishes exposé on Diddy…

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Summer TV programming has morphed into nothing but a bunch of celebrity-hosted gameshows. But before we dive in to our summer fare, let’s take a look back at the most-watched shows among viewers ages 18-49 of the 2023-2024 TV Season.

  1. Sunday Night Football (NBC): 19.4M
  2. Monday Night Football (ABC): 11.98M
  3. Thursday Night Football (Prime Video): 11.97M
  4. Tracker (CBS): 10.8M
  5. NCIS (CBS): 9.7M
  6. Young Sheldon (CBS): 9.1M
  7. FBI (CBS): 8.96M
  8. Chicago Fire (NBC): 8.8M
  9. Blue Bloods (CBS): 8.4M
  10. 60 Minutes (CBS): 8.3M

Speaking of summer TV fare, Season 19 of America’s Got Talent premiered last night with a new twist for the Golden Buzzer. This big button was first introduced during Season 10, giving each judge the opportunity to press a Golden Buzzer, sending down showers of confetti and the buzzer recipient straight to the live performance rounds. Starting in Season 15, host Terry Crews got his own Golden Buzzer. In Season 16, they introduced the Group Golden Buzzer, where all four judges and Terry would press the big button together. At the start of Season 18, the audience was also given the power of a Golden Buzzer, sending their favorite act through to the live shows. And now for Season 19, each judge gets TWO Golden Buzzers, but Terry is stuck with one. Judge Heidi Klum has already used her first one on Richard Goodall — a janitor from Indiana who won her buzz with his performance of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. If you missed it, you can stream it today on Peacock.

Now that Jelly Roll has obtained a bit of financial success, he’s admitting to his one frivolous habit. He admitted, “Don’t judge me for this, y’all. I promise I grew up very humble, but I only wear socks once. It’s the most frivolous thing I’ve done with my success.” Jelly Roll says he buys them in bulk to keep up with this habit.

Jennifer Lopez has been in talks to do a residency at the MGM Grand in Vegas, that would pay her $90M to do 90 shows starting sometime next year. But with her new album tanking and slow ticket sales for her upcoming tour, sources the New York Post that MGM executives are “very nervous” about moving forward with Jennifer, adding, “It’s pretty rare you have a poor tour and then go to Vegas.”

Back in November, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie filed a $30M lawsuit against him, accusing him of physical and sexual abuse, as well as sex trafficking. He settled with her the next day, but his lawyer still proclaimed Diddy was completely innocent. But then more women came out with their own accusations against Diddy, and Rolling Stone decided they would quietly launch an investigation into these allegations. The results of their 6-month investigation have now been released. Out of the 300+ people the contacted, Rolling Stone says more than 50 of Diddy’s former friends and associates came forward to share their experiences, but many of them wanted to be off the record because they’re afraid of retaliation.


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