Showbiz Top 5: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are close to splitting?!

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison split… NSYNC reunite at Chris Kirkpatrick wedding in Florida… The Kardashians take over Magic Mountain for Kendall Jenner’s Birthday… Miley Cyrus and Benji Madden hook up… and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are close to splitting?!

In the least shocking breakup news in, like, ever, Courtney Stodden has kicked her much older, creepy husband Doug Hutchison to the curb. Sources say Doug is heartbroken, angry and devastated. It’s really incredible that these two lasted as long as they did. They were married in May 2011 when Doug was 51 and she was only 16!! Courtney had been completely reliant on Doug and was famous because of their relationship. But then she landed a role on the UK show “Celebrity Big Brother.”  And once Courtney tasted solo fame, she realized how much she dug it. And how much she wasn’t digging Doug. So he’s moved out of the house they shared, but it doesn’t look like either one has filed for divorce yet.

At the age of 42, Chris Kirkpatrick decided it was finally time to settle down. He married marketing rep Karly Skladany on Saturday at the Loews Hotel in Orlando. All of the guys from ‘N Sync were there, serving as either a groomsman or an usher. Chris kept it real, too, having all the guys rent tuxedos from the Men’s Warehouse. Lance said, “He got us the cheapest tuxes he could possibly get, which I think is so Chris and very lovely.”

Kendall Jenner turned 18 yesterday, but sources say she celebrated with all of her friends and family a week ago at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Her family rented out the entire park for her celebration. Kim was there, tweeting and Instagramming the whole time. And it sounds like she was pretty over the whole experience. Kim posted one video, saying, “No one’s even working in the concession stands….And we get to drive instead of walk. This is real lazy, but this is what Kendall wanted and it is a nice surprise for her and I’m excited for her. So, happy birthday Kendall.”

Miley Cyrus and Benji Madden were both hanging out at Bootsy Bellows Halloween night and were feeling each other……literally. Sources say they were making out and ended up leaving together. But it doesn’t look like Miley is looking for anything serious. Two nights before that, she was hanging out with Romeo Miller, aka Lil’ Romeo.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are close to splitting and Lady Gaga has been dumped by her boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Sources told “The Sun” that the relationship’s been fizzling out for months, but he finally had enough. Taylor reportedly told Gaga that she’s married to her career and he can’t deal with dating Gaga the megastar and all her obsessions and alter-egos. Meantime, he’s rumored to be hooking up with his “Chicago Fire” costar, Brittany Curran.

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