Ryan Lochte’s Robbery Story Is Still Being Disputed

Vanderpump Rules’ wedding… Life of Pablo pop-up stores… Blake Shelton apologizing… Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s weekend together… and Ryan Lochte robbery story in dispute

Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney tied the knot just outside Lake Tahoe yesterday. The Grande Dame Lisa Vanderpump showed up for obvious reasons — cameras were rolling. Also there were fellow cast members Stassi, Kristen, Tom, Jax, Scheana, and blah blah blah….Don’t worry. We’ll get to see it all on TV.

If you’re a big Kanye fan — duh! Who isn’t?? — you need to keep refreshing KanyeWest.com. That’s because 21 Life of Pablo pop-up merch stores will be opening up all over the planet this weekend. He’ll give us 24 hours notice before they open so we can start lining up. If you go to KanyeWest.com/temporarystores right now, you’ll see little red dots showing what cities will be blessed by Kanye. Among the cities — Singapore, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Melbourne, Toronto, Atlanta, and Dallas………


Blake Shelton is sorta kinda apologizing for some offensive comments from Twitter Past. After being slammed for being racist and homophobic, Blake tried to explain that he was just joking. He tweeted yesterday, “Everyone knows comedy has been a major part of my career and it’s always been out there for anyone to see. That said anyone that knows me also knows I have no tolerance for hate of any kind of form. Can my humor at times be inappropriate and immature? Yes. Hateful? Never. That said I deeply apologize to anybody who may have been offended.”

I’ll be honest…I thought Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were done. But now we’re finding out that they just spent the weekend together at her home in Rhode Island. A source told People that Taylor actually sent her plane to pick him up. After they did whatever couples in love do, Taylor had her pilot fly him back to LA on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Brazilian police officers showed up at the Olympic Village to take Ryan Lochte and James Feigen’s passports and to get more information about this armed robbery they claim happened to them. But Ryan was already long gone. Shortly before their flight was scheduled to take off from Rio, authorities pulled Olympic swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz off the plane and took their passports. NBC News reported that James had checked in online from the airport but never boarded his plane. This morning, the US Olympic Committee spokesman released a statement saying that Jack and Gunnar were released by local authorities last night “with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on Thursday. James Feigen is also communicating with local authorities and intends to make further statements regarding the incident on Thursday as well. We will continue to provide updated information as it is appropriate.” Matt Lauer says he spoke to Ryan and says he left Rio without knowing the police wanted to talk to him. Matt says Ryan did change the details of the story a little bit. He says Ryan told him that the guys had their cab driver pull over to a gas station so they could use the bathroom. When they came out, the cabbie wouldn’t pull away and that’s when the criminals allegedly pulled them out of the car. Ryan also said one of the robbers didn’t exactly point a gun at his forehead, but he did point a gun in his direction. Either way, Ryan is sticking by his story that they were robbed.


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