Showbiz Top 5: Ryan Reynolds suffers a double whammy

Stuntmen at Comic-Con  became real life superheroes…A bad weekend for Ryan Reynolds…Dina Lohan — you’re NOT helping!…and Royal Baby watch in its final stages! Kellie has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

 Some stuntmen who were in San Diego for Comic-Con turned into real-life superheroes on Friday when they kept a woman from leaping to her death. These guys from Stunts 911 were putting up scaffolding for their appearance that night at a movie premiere party when they heard people shouting about a woman who was about to jump from a nearby building. The men raced over and got a security guard to take them up to the 14th floor, where this woman was hanging from the outside of an apartment balcony.  One of the stuntmen quietly sneaked up behind her and locked her in a bear hug as two others rushed in to make sure she was secure. And the whole thing was caught on video! Police arrived moments later. They said she was drunk and upset over a bad break-up.

Ryan Reynolds suffered a double-whammy at the box office this weekend. He’s the voice of “Turbo,” which opened in third place this weekend. The movie cost $135 million, but earned only $28.5 million in its debut. His other new movie, “R.I.P.D.” did even worse. This one cost $182 million but earned only $12.8 million for a seventh place finish. Coming in first this weekend, the debut of “The Conjuring.” This movie looks like it was made with an advance on a credit card but opened with $41.5 million in ticket sales.

So if you’re daughter is in 90-day, court-ordered rehab and you want to call and check on her, you might want to sober up before you start dialing. TMZ says that Dina Lohan called Cliffside rehab to talk to Lindsay, but a staffer believed she was hammered and wouldn’t put the call through. After that incident, counselors reportedly decided that it would be best if Lindsay cut off communication with mom for the last few weeks of her treatment.

Amanda Bynes says she wasn’t kicked out, she checked out! But sources say when Amanda was checking in to the Ritz-Carlton in NYC, she made the front desk clerk cry when Amanda said she was “too ugly” to help her with check-in and offered up the number of a plastic surgeon. After she got to her room, other guests kept complaining about the smell of marijuana. The fact that she placed about 40 orders for room service backs that up! After ignoring several warnings, Amanda was asked to leave, although she denies that was the case.

By the time you read this, the Royal Baby could be here! With Prince William by her side, the Duchess of Cambridge checked into St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington just before 6 this morning. About an hour later, after she’d been checked by doctors, the palace announced that Kate was in the early stages of labor and that things are professing well. St. Mary’s is the same hospital where William was born in 1982. The royal couple reportedly doesn’t know the sex of the baby, and we don’t know what names they’re considering for the child who will become third in line for the throne. Bookies have George and Alexandra as the favorites.

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