Bravo updates… Dak Prescott has been dismissed… Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny in Paris… Ben Affleck proudly flashes his wedding ring… and Sabrina Carpenter’s Ticketmaster fiasco…

In Real Housewives news — Former NY Housewife Kelly Bensimon announced on Tuesday that she was calling off her wedding to wealth management advisor Scott Litner, four days before they were supposed to be married in his mommy’s backyard in Boston. At the time, Kelly said she was choosing to prioritize her daughters, which was very vague. But now Kelly has explained herself to People magazine. She said, “Ultimately, my decision is nobody’s business, but I understand that there is speculation and gossip, and I want to put an end to all of it. To be clear, he refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, and I refused to marry him. Full stop.” She said, “He thought that I would enter this union without legal protections in place, that I would leave everything to faith. But I’ve worked really, really, hard as a single mother and have always made smart decisions for myself and my family, and that will continue.” And in other Real Housewives news, Kenya Moore is no longer a part of the Atlanta cast. On her Instagram yesterday, Kenya posted, “My heart is full and my conscience is clean. So many false claims hiding behind anonymous sources. All this conversation and no facts being reported. If a claim or source was valid, would they need to hide?” She added, “The rumors and narrative about me randomly showing nudes or revenge p is 1000% untrue. I have proof and will share soon.” Basically, Kenya is accused of posting obscene poster-sized photos of new housewife Brittany Eady on the walls during the grand opening of Kenya’s hair spa. That led to her suspension, and ultimately, her departure or dismissal. It’s unclear whether this was Bravo’s decision or hers.

Back in March, a woman sued Cowboys QB Dak Prescott for a sexual assault she claims happened outside a Dallas-area strip club back in 2017. She was seeking $100M in damages. A month later, Victoria Shores dropped the lawsuit in Dallas County and moved it to Collin County, which is where Dak was suing her for extortion. Dak’s attorney has said from the beginning that this was nothing more than a shakedown, and it looks like the Collin County judge agrees with him. The judge not only threw out Ms. Shores’ lawsuit yesterday because it “lacked merit,” he set a hearing for Sept. 13 to discuss potential sanctions — or penalties — against her and her legal team for filing a frivolous lawsuit . After the ruling, Dak’s attorney issued a statement saying, “The original lies by Ms. Shores, her team, and their recent failed attempt to sue him civilly are all just a continuation of their extortion plot against Dak. These ploys distract from the trauma of legitimate sexual assault survivors and undermine the progress that our society has made in supporting them. We are proud that Dak stands up against this injustice and thankful Judge Tucker agrees.”

In case you were wondering, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are full-on back on. We first found out they were dating in February 2023, but by the end of the year, they’d fizzled out. However, they both welcomed the New Year on friends’ trip to Barbados that included the Biebers. Then in early May, Kendall and Mr. Bunny were seen getting cuddly at a Met Gala afterparty. Over the weekend, they both appeared at Vogue World: Paris as part of Fashion Week, and they’ve spent the week attending fabulous parties and sight-seeing. For one of their date nights, they rented out the Louvre for an after-hours private tour.

While Jennifer Lopez took a solo vacation to Italy and Paris, Ben Affleck stayed back in LA, looking sad and mopey, as he tends to do. And when he took his daughter to lunch on Saturday, Ben wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. But when he was photographed leaving his LA office on Tuesday, the ring was back on. And Ben made sure the paparazzi got a good shot of it as he held his hand out the driver’s side window. Meantime, Jennifer is back in LA and yesterday she was seen visiting Ben at his LA office.

Sabrina Carpenter’s fans are extremely upset over their attempts at buying tickets to her upcoming Short n’ Sweet Tour. One is accusing Ticketmaster for doing a little bait-and-switch, saying she paid for a pit ticket only to be given an assigned seat. Others say they went through all the hassle of authenticating their accounts, but kept getting booted out. By the time they finally were able to buy tickets, the only packages were being sold by scalpers who jacked up the prices. As one person posted, “@Ticketmaster this is absolutely not fair. Got my tickets and your website conveniently broke where I couldn’t put it in any card to buy them. By the time I got back in there were only ridiculously overpriced seats that I could not afford.” Another posted, “Gotta love it when the queue gods finally smile down at you for Sabrina Carpenter and let you in immediately, just for Ticketmaster to crash and refuse to let you check out. Then you get thrown to the back of the queue….” A lot of fans are tagging @TeamSabrina asking her to fix this.


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