The 1975 is working on a new album… ‘Being The Ricardos’ for Amazon… Kevin Hart signs huge deal with Netflix… im Kardashian and Kanye West have received an apology… and Sex And The City stars are all set to bank over $1 million per episode

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If you thought things would miraculously go back to normal at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, oh well. The 1975 has pulled the plug on all touring in 2021. In a statement today, the band said, “..Until we can be sure that we will be able to play shows in a way that is safe for our fans and crew, we have decided the best course of action is to cancel our touring so that, where possible, everyone can get their tickets refunded sooner rather than later.” On a brighter note, The 1975 is working on a followup album to last year’s “Notes on a Conditional Form.”

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in talks to play Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez in a new movie for Amazon called “Being the Ricardos.” Cate Blanchett was originally attached to the project, but something must’ve gone wrong with that. The movie is being written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, whom you may know wrote “A Few Good Men,” “The West Wing,” “The Social Network” and “Newsroom,” among others. “Being the Ricardos” will be set during one production week of the “I Love Lucy” show, which started with a table read on Monday through Friday night’s filming before a live studio audience. Fans were hoping Debra Messing would be cast as Lucy because she NAILED IT during an episode of the final season of “Will and Grace.” And she’s down for it, responding to one comment on social media, “I’m available.”

How deep are the pockets at Netflix?? And how much will this news affect our subscription fees?? Yesterday, it was announced that Kevin Hart scored himself a massive deal with Netflix. Kevin will star in at least four films that he will also produce. He and his production company will also have first dibs on upcoming Netflix projects. No word on how much it is worth, but “Deadline” says it is worth eight figures. By the way, Kevin had Netflix’s #1 comedy special of 2020 and his films have grossed more than $4B at the global box office.

Last week, TikTok beauty influencer Cole Carrigan claimed Kanye’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis arranged for Cole to hook up with Kanye at the W Hotel. It turns out Steve hasn’t worked for Kanye since 2016 and he busted Cole for lying, demanding an apology not only to him, but also to Kim and Kanye. Cole followed through, holding the cease-and-desist letter in his hand as he posted, “In order to for me to stay out of court and not get sued, I have to issue an apology to Mr. West and Kim Kardashian West. So hi, Kim, if you’re watching this, I am so sorry. I honestly did this for the simple fact that your husband voted for Trump, and we simply can’t have that clownery in America, so you’re welcome.” (Um, Kanye voted for Kanye.) Cole went on to say, “Second of all, I hope this doesn’t ruin the chances of me getting on the KKW p.r. list, because I’ve been dying for those contour sticks.”

Kim Cattrall hasn’t publicly commented, but she did like a tweet posted by a fan that said, “”I absolutely love Sex and the City and whilst I am saddened that Samantha will not return, I applaud doing what is best for you and think this is great example of putting yourself first Well done @KimCattrall.” So it looks like there will be no Samantha in HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That…” Variety is reporting that Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will all return to not only star in the limited 10-episode series, but they will also serve as executive producers. Each lady will reportedly earn more than $1M each.

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