Selena Gomez attends Justin Bieber’s Los Angeles concert

TMZ is being sued… Katt Williams fights a kid… Frances Bean Cobain filed for divorce… Erin Andrews wants awarded money… and Selena Gomez attends Justin Bieber’s Los Angeles concert

TMZ is being sued by a hip hop artist named Andre Roxx — who’s real name is Marques Johnson — because two years ago, they posted a story about a rapper who cut off his own “johnson” and jumped off a balcony and tagged him as the guy who did it. But it wasn’t Andre Roxx. It was another guy who went by the name Christ Bearer. So now Mr. Johnson is suing for defamation.

Katt Williams was playing soccer with some kids and things got not-so-fun pretty fast. Katt started trash talking one of the kids playing with him and ends up walking away from the game, but the kid follows him, taunts him and basically dares Katt to fight him. Finally, Katt took a swing at this kid — who’s apparently a 7th-grader but is bigger than any 7th grader I know! — who then takes Katt down and chokes him out.

Frances Bean Cobain quietly married Isaiah Silva from the band The Eeries back in 2014. In fact, her mom Courtney Love didn’t even know about it. But now, less than two years later, Frances has filed for divorce, citing the usual irreconcilable differences. She’s willing to pay her soon-to-be ex-husband spousal support, but she put in the divorce documents that she doesn’t want him to get one penny from her late father Kurt Cobain’s $450 million estate.

Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million in her Peeping Tom lawsuit agains the Marriott, and she’d like every dime of it. However, the jury said the hotel chain and the peeper, Michael Barrett, were equally responsible, so each should pay their fair share of the awarded money. But here’s the problem:  Mr. Barrett doesn’t have a pot to pee in. There’s no way he’s going to be able to pay Erin the $28 million the jury says he owes her. So Erin has her attorneys asking the court to adjust the verdict, making the Marriott responsible for the entire bill.

Last week, Justin Bieber was feeling a little misty about his ex-girlfriend so he posted a picture of him kissing Selena Gomez from back in the day. Apparently, that touched Selena in the feels because she not only liked the picture, she commented, “Perfect.” The two reportedly started texting non-stop after that and she even showed up for Justin’s concert in LA last night.


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