Showbiz Top 5: Zac Efron’s secret battle with cocaine?

Now that they’ve called off the wedding — hear what Liam Hemsworth wants Miley Cyrus to do with the engagement ring…Plus, a new Queen of daytime talk… and details on Zac Efron’s alleged stint in rehab for cocaine addiction.

Carlos Santana is more than just a shoe designer. Oh, yes he is. He’s also a famous musician. And he was in a pretty serious accident in Las Vegas on Friday. The media initially reported it as a minor fender bender, but it was actually pretty serious. Apparently, Carlos was so exhausted from all that shoe-designing that he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his Fisker Karma so bad that the airbags deployed and the tow truck had to haul it away. But thankfully, Carlos wasn’t injured.

The Game was on the phone with Drake when he came across a story on the internet about a mom who lost her boyfriend and five young children in a house fire. They decided to help this poor woman by each chipping in $10K to help pay the funeral expenses. The Game posted about the tragedy on Instagram, saying, “I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time.” Drake later posted, “What (The Game) is doing will never be forgotten. Honored to be able to help people along side my brother..

 Queen Latifah’s debut in daytime was a huge hit! The first episode of her talk show Monday was the highest-rated daytime debut of the season, second only to the premiere of “The Dr. Oz Show” in 2009. It didn’t hurt to have John Travolta as her first guest, with a performance by Willow Smith. She’s pulling out the big guns, too. Upcoming guests include Jamie Foxx, Sharon Stone, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

No matter who called of the wedding, and no matter whether or not you believe he cheated, you can’t say Liam Hemsworth isn’t a gentleman. is reporting that Liam told Miley Cyrus that she can can do what she wants with the engagement ring he gave her, but he hopes she keeps it as a memento of their time together.

 Zac Efron completed a stint in rehab………..five months ago! How did he keep that under the radar?? According to E! News, Zac was seeking help for his issues with alcohol, but TMZ is reporting that his problem ran way deeper than that — cocaine. TMZ says they talked to multiple sources who said Zac had a serious cocaine addiction that spiraled out of control while he was filming “Neighbors” with Seth Rogan back in April. One source says Zac didn’t show up for work for several days and it was common knowledge that he was struggling with cocaine. And earlier this year, Zac and his buddies reportedly trashed a room at the MGM Grand in Vegas, causing $50K in damages. No comment from Zac’s rep.


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