Serena Williams Announces Pregnancy

Prince’s songs will not be released… Disney movie “Life-Size 2” happening… Live version of “Aladdin”… Mariah Carey gifted a $34K Louis Vuitton trunk… and Serena Williams announces pregnancy

Remember how I told you yesterday that you could download an EP featuring 5 of Prince’s unreleased songs on Friday? Scratch that. Prince’s estate has stepped in and got a federal judge to grant a restraining order against George Ian Boxill — the producer who put together this EP. George apparently signed a confidentiality agreement when he recorded these songs with Prince back in 2006. The judge has ordered him to turn all the recordings over to the estate. But! Some people acted fast and downloaded one of the songs — “Deliverance” — which was available for a hot minute on iTunes yesterday.

Back in 2000, Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan starred in the Disney movie “Life-Size.” About 5 years ago, Tyra started working on a sequel to the movie, and it looks like “Life-Size 2” is close to actually happening. Tyra told ET that after five years and four scripts, they finally got something everybody loves. Tyra played Eve — the doll who comes to life — in the original movie. She’s playing Eve again. And while Tyra says she loves Lindsay, she’d rather share the screen with Zendaya this time around. It it all works out according to Tyra’s plan, “Life-Size 2” will be on the Freeform channel by Christmas of next year.

If you loved the live version of “Beauty and the Beast,” how does the live version of “Aladdin” sound?? Guy Ritchie is going to adapt the animated version of the Disney movie to a live action film, and Will Smith is in talks to play the Genie! Will had previously been in talks with Tim Burton about doing “Dumbo,” but that didn’t work out, I guess. Filming of “Aladdin” is expected to start this July in the UK.

Mariah Carey threw a surprise birthday party for her manager Stella Bulochnikov at Catch LA. Mariah’s music played the whole time. Duh. But listening non-stop to Mariah’s music wasn’t her only present. Mariah gifted Stella with a $34K Louis Vuitton trunk, which Mariah wheeled out of the back room while carrying sparklers.

Serena Williams announced yesterday that she’s 20 weeks pregnant! Daddy-to-be is hubby-to-be, Alex Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. Alex popped the question back in December, but the couple hasn’t set a wedding date…at least not that we’re aware of.


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