Renewed TV shows… Hugh Jackman treated for skin cancer AGAIN… Sherri Shepherd kicked Lamar Sally out … Mila Kunis finally talks about her pregnancy… and Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber drama

ABC has announced they are bringing back Once Upon a Time and Revenge for their fourth seasons, Castle for its 7th, and Grey’s Anatomy for its 11th! Scandal’s coming back, too. So are Modern Family and The Middle. Resurrection did well enough to earn a second season, as did THE GOLDBERGS!! YAY!! But I’m so bummed to find out “Trophy Wife” and “Mixology” aren’t coming back. Boooooo…….Over at FOX, a source told People magazine that American Idol is definitely coming back next year, but I think it was kinda obvious last night when Ryan Seacrest announced the audition cities for next season, three of which happen to be in the current judges’ hometowns. And People is also reporting that yes, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. are all returning next year.

Hugh Jackman revealed yesterday that he’s been treated for skin cancer AGAIN. He posted a photo of himself on Instagram, showing him with a bandage on his nose. He captioned it, “Another Basel Cell Carsinoma. All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!” This is Hugh’s second go-round with basal cell carcinoma. He was treated for it back in November.

I thought Sherri Shepherd was so in love! But RadarOnline is reporting that Sherri has kicked Lamar Sally out of the house and refuses to talk to him. According to their source, Lamar is a writer and he told Sherri that he was a big player in Hollywood and for a while there, it looked like he had stuff going on. But Sherri just got fed up with Lamar’s empty promises. The source says he doesn’t have a job and she’s looking for an equal partner, not just a babysitter for her son.

Mila Kunis was a guest on “Ellen” and finally opened up about her pregnancy. She said that she and Ashton Kutcher were surprised that they were able to hide it for as long as they did. Mila wouldn’t reveal the sex of the baby or the due date, but she did say she’s going to have a natural childbirth using a midwife. Mila also revelaed that Ashton is learning to speak Russian. She’s from the Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian. The couple wants their baby to be bilingual.

Every time Seth Rogen is interviewed lately, he’s asked about how much he can’t stand Justin Bieber. It started in January when Justin was arrested on DUI charges in Miami. Seth tweeted, “All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a pice of s***.”  And most recently, Seth revealed that he and Justin were both at the same event and Justin requested to meet him. Seth agreed, but then he said that Justin acted like a little punk and made it seem like Seth was the one who wanted to meet HIM! Justin finally had to respond. He tweeted yesterday, “Seth Rogan, sorry I didn’t bow down when I asked 2 meet u. Was probably a bit shy and didn’t want to be over the top but still. love ur movies.”


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