Shakira Realized Ex Allegedly Cheated Due To Jam Jar

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes update… Madonna “Celebration” Tour… Kim Kardashian won the bid… Flo Rida won $82 Million… and Shakira realized ex allegedly cheated due to jam jar

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Last week it was reported that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes had lawyered up, and now multiple sources have told “Us Weekly” that they will not be coming back to the third hour of “Good Morning America.” One source said, “Amy and T.J. are out. A decision has been made. The network is negotiating with them on their exit deals and an announcement.” Another source close to T.J. said they have not been fired, but ABC is continuing to investigate their relationship, as well as other relationships T.J. is alleged to have had with a couple other ABC employees who ranked beneath him. This source said, “There are no negotiations about their future…While it is unlikely they will return in the capacity they were in–the longer time goes on, it becomes less likely they will return. There are still open lines of communication and further discussions are being had about what will happen.”

Madonna is hitting the road! She’ll be performing some of her greatest hits during “Madonna: The Celebration” tour, hitting 35 cities at venues across North America and Europe. The tour kicks off July 15 in Vancouver and will wind its way through the US and back up into Canada before wrapping up the North American leg in Vegas on Oct. 7 . Then Madonna heads across the pond, kicking off the European leg of her tour on Oct. 14 at The O2 arena in London. The tour finally wraps on Dec. 1 in Amsterdam. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Have the Kardashians replaced the Kennedys as our American Royal Family? That’s debatable. But Kim Kardashian now owns a piece of jewelry that Princess Diana draped around her neck in 1987. The Garrard jewelry company loaned Princess Diana this huge diamond cross necklace known as the Attalah Cross. The necklace was recently put up for auction and Kim placed the winning bid of $197,453.

Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, has won a huge lawsuit against Celsius Holdings Inc., the company behind Celsius energy drinks. Inspired by 50 Cent’s branding deal with Vitamin Water, Flo Rida testified that he signed a contract to partner with Celsius back in 2014. Fast forward to 2021 when Flo sued Celsius, claiming they breached the contract by failing to pay him the stock options and bonuses he was promised, and accusing them of trying to cover up how much money he was owed with some fraudulent accounting. Yesterday the jury decided Flo Rida had been wronged, and then awarded him $82.6M! Moments after the verdict, Flo Rida spoke to the press, starting, “I just want to say, God is good, in Jesus’ name,” before taking a big ol’ sip from a can of Celsius.

Shakira fans think they’ve figured out how she discovered Girard Pique was cheating on her. They believe Shakira returned home from touring, opened the fridge and found an almost empty jar of strawberry jam. Why would that be weird? Well, Gerard doesn’t like strawberry jam. Neither do their two sons. So the only obvious assumption would be that Gerard’s mistress had been eating Shakira’s jam while she was away!! They’re basing this theory on Shakira’s music video for “Te Felicito,” which was released last year, before the couple announced they’d broken up. It’s about a lying ex who isn’t what he seemed to be. In the video, Shakira is assembling her idea of the perfect man, and in one scene, she opens the fridge to find his head sitting there. Surrounding his head are typical things you’d find in a fridge, like a bunch of fresh strawberries and jars of what could be strawberry jam. Was Shakira’s art imitating her life? During a May 2022 interview about the song and video, Shakira was asked about the refrigerator scene. She said she opened the door “to find out the truth!” On June 4, 2022, Shakira and Gerard announced their breakup.


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