Sophia Vergara’s ex sues over frozen embryos

“Empire” sued for stealing story… Gisele Bundchen walked her final runway… Dennis Quaid’s meltdown was a fake… “American Idol” contestant outburst… and Sophia Vergara’s ex sues over frozen embryos

Saw this on TMZ…Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels and a few others involved in “Empire” are being sued by a man who claims the show is a ripoff of his autobiographical movie which is based on his life as a “gangster, pimp and drug dealer.” Ron Newt, who describes himself as a “known ghetto player” and a friend of the Jacksons, claims he met Terrence at the Four Seasons a while back to discuss Ron’s project, “Bigger Than Big.” Ron claims Terrence connected to the story and wanted to play him in the movie. Ron never heard back, but one day he turned on his TV and saw this little show called “Empire.” According to Ron, there weren’t just a few “similarities” between the TV show and his movie script, there were story lines that were completely stolen from him. For instance, in “Empire,” four drug dealers are killed. In the “Bigger Than Big” script, four drug dealers were killed. In “Empire,” Lucius shot his long-time friend. The same thing happens in “Bigger Than Big.” In “Empire,” Cookie goes to jail for drugs and is then released. In the movie, China Doll goes to jail for drugs and then gets released. Hmmm…..Ron thinks those ideas are worth a BILLION dollars. And just to add another interesting tidbit, back in 1989, Ron claims he signed a multi-million dollar deal with Michael Jackson and Death Row Records. Can somebody look that up for me?

Gisele Bundchen walked her final runway show last night at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. She’s not giving up modeling, she just won’t be strutting down the catwalk any more. After watching her make her final strut, Tom Brady went on his Facebook page and posted a sweet message to his wife:  “Congratulations Love of my Life. You inspire me every day to be a better person. I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished on the runway. I have never met someone with more of a will to succeed and determination to overcome any obstacle in the way. You never cease to amaze me. Nobody loves life more than you and your beauty runs much deeper than what the eye can see. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love you. #GOAT #thebestisyettocome” Why retire from the runway now? Earlier this week, Gisele told a Brazilian newspaper, “Automatically my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it’s a privilege to be able to stop. Stopping will leave room for other projects I have for myself.”

So Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown — was it a Funny or Die video or was the video produced on the fly to do some damage control? Yesterday, posted Dennis’ meltdown, but this time it showed everyone behind the scenes Dennis was screaming at. And it was all VERY literal. When he yelled, “This is horse s**t!” he literally stepped in horse s**t. When he screamed about the zombies staring at him for off set, cut to zombies staring at him from off set. It’s actually very funny stuff. But some people are still so cynical that they think Dennis called his buddies up at Funny or Die and begged them to help him out of this tight spot and they came through for him. Seriously??

Things got SUPER awkward on “American Idol” last night. After contestant Quentin Alexander performed, he was looking especially grumpy, so Ryan Seacrest asked him what was wrong. Quentin said, “This sucks!” and explained that it was “whack” that two of the best vocalists in the competition — including his best friend Joey Cook and Rayvon Owen — were facing elimination. Harry Connick Jr. was highly offended and told him if he didn’t like it, to go home. Quentin ended up apologizing for his outburst. By the way, Joey went home.

Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiance is suing her for their frozen embryos! Back in 2013, Sofia and fiancé Nick Loeb tried unsuccessfully to have a baby using a surrogate. The next year, their relationship fell apart, but they still have frozen embryos. Now, Nick and Sofia discussed what they’d do with the embryos if one of them died, but they never decided what they’d do if the couple broke up! Sofia is now engaged to Joe Mangienello and she wants the embryos destroyed, but Nick wants to go through with having a baby! So he’s suing to make sure the embryos stay on ice.


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