Look for The Flip Off early next year… Kyle Richards isn’t going anywhere… David Copperfield update… Britney Spears misses family… and Sophie Turner has a lot to say about her divorce

Flip or Flop’s Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s divorce was UGLY. They continued to do the show together while battling it out and moving on with new people. Tarek is now married to Christina lookalike Heather Rae, and Christina married Ant Antstead and then Josh Hall. There were still a few parenting and step-parenting issues that had to be worked out, but things are now amicable enough for these two crazy couples to team up for a new HGTV renovation show called The Flip Off. Tarek and Heather will go up against Christina and Josh to see show can find, buy, renovate and flip a house for the most money. In the preview, Christina and Heather even make fun of the fact they look so much alike, wearing identical outfits and having their hair styled the same. They even introduce themselves by the other’s first name before Heather says, “Wait no, that’s not right.” And Christina says, “Must be all that bleach.”

Look for The Flip Off early next year.

She teased she might not come back and may even leave Beverly Hills for Aspen. There were rumors Bravo was going to fire her if she didn’t come clean about her lesbian relationship with rising country artist Morgan Wade. But now it’s official — Kyle Richards isn’t going anywhere. Cameras are already rolling on Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Kyle was spotted filming with Dorit Kemsley, who was also rumored to be on the chopping block. The announcement that she and PK are separated may have helped secure her diamond. During a recent Amazon Live, Kyle was asked if her estranged husband Mauricio will appear in the new season of RHOBH, and she said, “I’m sure he will because, you know, he is obviously family.”

It’s David Copperfield’s turn for a Day of Reckoning. In an exposé published by the Guardian, 16 women have accused the magician of sexual misconduct. Many claim they were underage at the time and three claim they were drugged. The alleged assaults took place between the late 1980s and 2014. More than half of the women said they met the performer during his shows, and three claim David groped them onstage during his live shows. One said when she was 16, David picked her from the audience to do a trick. She said he told her to grab his bottom and when she didn’t, he grabbed her hand and forced her to squeeze, saying, “It’s David Copperfield, not David Cop-a-feel!” Another claims that back in 1991 — when she was just shy of turning 16 —David called her up to be part of his show. David got her contact info, and she claims that for Valentine’s Day that year, he sent her a gift with a note that read, “In 2 years I will be back.” And he was! She claims David groomed her and took her virginity when she turned 18. David’s lawyers denied the grooming and say the relationship was consensual. As far as all the allegations, David’s attorneys say he “never, ever acted inappropriately with anyone, let alone anyone underage.” And they also say it was “untenable” that David would’ve groped a woman in front of a live audience. The Guardian spoke to several of David’s former employees who claim he often asked his assistants to approach attractive young women from the audience and invite them to come up onstage or join him after his shows. They claimed he regularly had the women join him in his limousine, hotel room or penthouse suite. But they also spoke to other former employees who said they never saw anything inappropriate. David’s rep told Page Six, “Most of these historic accusations have been made before, and all of them are as false now as they were then….Whenever US law enforcement has looked into such matters, they have been investigated thoroughly, and it has been found that there is simply no case to answer.”

If you were worried Britney Spears is blowing through her money, don’t be. Last year alone, she reportedly earned $40M. That’s from her book deal, her duet with Elton John, her fragrances and her royalties. So as fast as she can spend it, more is coming. But Britney realizes all the money in the world can’t buy you happiness. In fact, she’s feeling really homesick for her family. Britney apparently has calmed down since going off on her mom for calling paramedics on her a couple weeks ago. She posted a photo of her mom enjoying crawfish at a kid-sized picnic table with Britney’s nieces, 15-year-old Maddie and 6-year-old Ivey Joan. Britney captioned it, “We all have issues with our family but dear God you can’t help how much you love them. I’m not in this picture but I sure as hell feel like I am. On a side note … If you know me, I’ve always ended up at this kids table at every function I’ve ever been to !!! The most elite expensive dinners and I always find myself just like this sitting in the back with the kids !!! Anyways … I’m posting this pic because my family is absolutely beautiful and I miss them. So not to sound righteous but in a world of chaos and confusion the trickery of the devil is to mislead you and humiliate you … and make you think you’re less than !!! I wanted to share this pic because although I’m not in it … I sure as hell felt as though I was !!!”

The June issue of British Vogue hits newsstands on May 21, but you can read it online now. Cover girl Sophie Turner has a lot to say about her divorce from Joe Jonas after 4 years of marriage. The couple share 2 children, 4-year-old Willa and 2-year-old Delphine. Sophie said, “There were some days that I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I would call my lawyer saying, ‘I can’t do this. I just can’t.’ I was just never strong enough to stand up for myself. And then, finally, after two weeks of me being in a rut, she reminded me that it was my children I was fighting for. Once anyone says to me, ‘Do it for your kids,’ I’m doing it. I wouldn’t do it for myself, but I’ll find the strength for them.” It turns out Sophie didn’t love being married to a Jonas Brother. She said, “We were always called ‘the wives,’ and I hated that. It was kind of this plus-one feeling. And that’s nothing to do with him – in no way did he make me feel that – it was just that the perception of us was as the groupies in the band.” Sophie also said that after Joe filed, she needed a place to stay. That’s when her husband’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift came to Sophie’s rescue. She said, “I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space. She really has a heart of gold.” The divorce is still being worked out and Sophie said she’s confident they’ll figure it out. After all, she said, “Joe is a great father to our children and that’s all that I can ask for.”


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