Showbiz Top 5: Sorry ladies, Adam Levine is off the market

Cory Monteith cause of death confirmed….Kristen Stewart doesn’t want to make out with Will Smith…and wedding bells for Adam Levine…Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

The British Columbia coroner confirmed that Cory Monteith died of a lethal mix of alcohol and heroin. She said there is nothing to indicate that this was anything other than a tragic accident. TMZ is reporting that several producers and the cast of “Glee” knew Cory was battling a heroin addiction and they staged an intervention. A source says Cory was very receptive and grateful that they cared so much. That’s what led Cory to go into treatment back in March.

They tried to keep this under wraps, even filing the case in Manhattan Family Court as “Anonymous v. Anonymous.” But these things do have a way of getting out, don’t they? A woman is suing Liam Gallagher for a reported $3 million to support his secret love baby. This woman hasn’t been identified, but Page Six is reporting that she’s in her 30s and specializes in interviewing celebrities. The woman claims she had an affair with Liam and now has a baby girl who’s just under a year old.

 Kristen Stewart dropped out of a movie called “Focus” because her character would be romantically involved with Will Smith. Reportedly, Kristen was uncomfortable with their huge age gap. She’s 23 and Will is 44. But that producer she cheated with when she was dating Robert Pattinson is 42! What’s up with THAT, Kristen?? Anyway, neither the “Focus” producers nor Will have a problem with a huge age gap, and the woman they’ve hired to replace Kristen is another 23-year-old. She’s Australian actress Margot Robbie.

Adam Levine was JUST vacationing in Mexico with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. But he hooked back up with his ex-girlfriend, Bahati Prinsloo, a couple weeks ago and things escalated so quickly that Adam popped the question! Congratulations?

The woman who claims she had an affair with Lamar Odom has told her story to “Star” magazine. Jennifer Richardson says Lamar would fly her in to be with him on the road and that they even hooked up on CHRISTMAS EVE! She said he was sad to leave her, but had to get back to LA to spend the holiday with his wife, Khloe Kardashian. Jennifer claims that Lamar told her repeatedly that he loved her and they even talked about having a baby! But then about February,Jennifer started getting the guilts. She claims Lamar rolled over in bed and said, “If you think it’s hard now, wait until you get pregnant.” Finally, keeping the secret got to be too much and Jennifer broke things off in March. Jennifer says she’s sorry, but warns Khloe that she wasn’t Lamar’s only mistress. She says, “I just happened to be around the longest.”

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