Chase Stokes is dating costar Madelyn Cline… Hannah Brown saves man from drowning… Michael Clifford has denied allegations… Vanessa Bryant gets two tattoos… and Stassi Schroeder is pregnant

My daughter Emma Kelly came to me and asked, “What does ‘cats outta the bag’ mean?” Well, it means a secret has finally been revealed. And “cats outta the bag” was the caption Chase Stokes used to confirm that he is, indeed, dating Madelyn Cline, sending “Outer Banks” fans into a collective swoon. Chase and Madelyn play pretend couple John B and Sarah Cameron on “Outer Banks.” The two of them were enjoying a bottle of wine on the beach but it’s all good. They play teenagers on the Netflix series but in real life, he’s 27 and she’s 22.

Hannah Brown was white-water rafting with her family in Tennessee on Saturday when she saved a man from drowning. His girlfriend tweeted about it, “How fun Hannah Brown saved my boyfriend from drowning in the Ocoee River today. She was on the river with us our raft flipped and her and her family were on the trip with us she ended up pulling my bf onto their raft after the current took him. I didn’t know who she was but her mom said she had just won DWTS and that she was the bachelorette!” Hannah’s brother Patrick posted on Instagram, “Took on the rapids with the fam jam! I got to relive my lifeguard days and Hannah thinks she’s apart of the Coast Guard now… #RescueMission.”

When #MichaelCliffordIsOverParty started trending, my daughter had to do some digging as to why. Michael is in the band Five Seconds of Summer, and last week, some old screenshots of sexist, homophobic, and misogynistic jokes he’d tweeted in 2012 resurfaced. He has now apologized, saying, “I am a different person now with a much better understanding of the world. some people have access to a digital megaphone a bit earlier than they should, unfortunately, I was one of them. I was so naive and I am embarrassed and I am beyond sorry. I will continue to be better and I will continue to change. I never want to hurt anyone again.” But then there were the accusations that Michael had sexually assaulted underage fans in 2013 and 2014. Girls claimed he would go out into the crowd at concerts and grope them. Michael said those allegations are “beyond untrue,” arguing, “I was never allowed in the crowd I only ever watched at front of house – and I would’ve never EVER done that. I would NEVER do anything like that. I’m so (BLANKING) upset.”

It’s hard to believe it’s been five months since Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash. Over the weekend, Kobe’s widow, Vanessa, revealed on her IG Story why she and her daughter Natalia had to block several Kobe fan accounts. She said, “@nataliabryant and I have unfortunately had to block fan pages because it’s been really hard to go online and constantly see pics of our beloved Gigi and Kobe under every single square of our explore pages. Blocking the fan pages has helped change the algorithm. We (love) you all but please understand that we had to do this for our own healing not because we don’t appreciate your (love).”

After losing her job on “Vanderpump Rules,” her podcast, her podcast tour, and her talent agency, and her PR team, Stassi Schroeder was an emotional wreck. But like other celebrities in crisis before her, Stassi hired a new publicist to do damage control and almost simultaneously, it was announced that Stassi is pregnant. Just to add to the drama, she and her fiancé Beau Clark went out for the first time this weekend with Stassi wrapping herself in an oversized cardigan, hiding what we assume was a baby bump. A lot of people are accusing Stassi and her rep of making up the pregnancy as a distraction.

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