Kim Kardashian Demands A Meeting

The price of HBO Max is going up… ‘TITANIC’ re-release… MusiCares Charity Relief Auction… Todd & Julie Chrisley reported to prison… and Kim Kardashian demands a meeting

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When HBO Max debuted in May 2020, it cost $9.99/month if you were willing to watch ads and $14.99/month for ad-free. They’re now raising the ad-free price by a dollar, but the subscription with ads will remain the same. At $15.99/month, HBO Max without ads is 50 cents more than Netflix’s standard plan of $15.49/month. The price increase comes at a time when HBO Max has been pulling content from its library in an effort to cut costs. Since Warner Bros. and Discover merged, they have been trying to cut more than $3B in expenses in the entire company. By pulling content people aren’t really watching, HBO Max reportedly will save over $100M per year.

If you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas and you have 3 hours and 15 minutes to spare, take her to see “Titanic.” In honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary, “Titanic” has been digitally remastered at 4K and converted to 3D. It hits theaters Feb. 10. The original spent 15 weeks at No. 1, earning $2.2B worldwide.

Some of your favorite artists have donated items to be auctioned off for MusiCares, an organization dedicated to helping musicians going through a financial or medical crisis. There are lots of signed albums and quite a few guitars that were owned or at least signed by musicians such as Slash, Joe Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Taylor Swift. As far as clothing, J-Hope from BTS donated the black jumpsuit he wore on the cover of his debut solo album, “Jack in the Box.” Katy Perry offered up the pink and black sequined jumpsuit she wore while performing in Qatar for the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. Olivia Rodrigo signed and donated the outfit she wore onstage at the 2022 Glastonbury Festival. There’s also a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers that were worn and signed by Eminem. The auction will be held live on Feb. 5.

Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted on a bunch of federal charges including tax fraud and tax evasion. They each turned themselves in yesterday to begin their prison sentences. Todd was sentenced to 12 years in Pensacola, Florida, while Julie will serve her 7 years in Lexington, Kentucky. HollywoodLife was able to get the official documents from the Bureau of Prisons which reveals what happens on someone’s first day in federal prison. Basically, what you saw on “Orange is the New Black” is real! According to the documents, “All new arrivals receive a full-body X-Ray scan, a strip search, fingerprints, and photographs.” The handbook also revealed that Todd and Julie had to also undergo a “thorough strip search, including a visual inspection of the mouth, hair, ears, and genitals,” adding, “This may be a person’s first experience with the squat and cough.”

No marriage certificate has been filed, but sources say Kim Kardashian sent a message through her team to Kanye West’s team, congratulating him on is recent wedding. Kanye is rumored to have married Bianca Censori, an architect who’s worked for Yeezy for a few years now. Kim reportedly also wants to meet with Bianca to discuss a few things when it comes to her children. Kim and Kanye agreed to a whole bunch of rules when it comes to parenting their children, and Kim wants to make sure Bianca is on board. The rules cover everything from food, electronics and nap schedules.


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