Tati Feels Bad For James Charles

“American Idol” season finale… Alex Rodriguez’s viral pic… Kelly Ripa vs The Bachelorette… The Batman may be Robert Pattinson… and Tati Westbrook feels bad for James Charles

It’s already time for the “American Idol” season finale?? Yep! This Sunday night, either Alejandro, Laine or Madison will be showered with confetti, but you have to sit through two hours of entertainment before you reach that climactic moment. You ready to dance on the ceiling? You better be! Lionel Richie is performing with the top 10, who also get to perform with Kool + the Gang. Now THAT’s a party! And then dreams come true when the finalists get to perform with some of their idols, including Adam Lambert, Dan + Shay, Montell Jordan and Weezer. Of course, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will perform, as well as one of the most successful Idol winners of all time, Carry Underwood. The season finale will air live coast-to-coast starting at 7pm CT on ABC.

Everybody goes to the bathroom. We can all imagine what each other looks like, so do you really need to see a picture of a celebrity going number two? Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers are preparing to sue one of the hedge funds in the building across from the Park Avenue apartment he shares with his fiancee, Jennifer Lopez….once they can figure out who took this picture! According to Page Six — which has seen the photo — A-Rod is taking care of business while texting on his phone. Apparently, he was under the false assumption that nobody could see him way up there so he didn’t close the blinds. Somebody snapped a photo, emailed it to some of his Wall Street buddies, and by the end of the day, somebody had tweeted it. Based on the angle, A-Rod’s attorneys know it came from a floor that’s possibly parallel to the apartment, and there are several hedge funds that operate out of that building. Once they find out the person responsible, they’re going to have to pay dearly.

Kelly Ripa thinks the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises are “gross,” “creepy,” and “disgusting.” But we have to give her credit because she didn’t go all fake when Bachelorette Hannah Brown was a guest on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” yesterday. After the polite little back-and-forth, Kelly went in. “I’ve been very against women fighting for a guy. I don’t believe in it. I think it’s weird.” But Kelly must’ve forgotten that Hannah is a beauty pageant pro! She handled the subject with diplomacy and charm, telling Kelly that the show isn’t about women fighting each other. In fact, it’s one of the most empowering things she’s ever done! TMZ’s cameraman caught up with Colton and Cassie, who’d previously been on the receiving end of Kelly’s disgust. Colton said he thinks Kelly is just too far removed from modern-day dating to understand the show or how dating works today. He said “The Bachelor” is basically Tinder on national TV, and Kelly doesn’t know what it’s like to have countless dating options. EXCELLENT POINT, COLTON!

Variety is reporting that Robert Pattinson is very close to signing on as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie, “The Batman.” But the Hollywood Reporter says we shouldn’t count out Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer, or Aaron Taylor-Johnson. One source told Hollywood Life that Robert is most likely going to get the role, but Warner Bros. wanted to see the online reaction to the news first. There’s still a little time to make a decision. “The Batman” is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021, with pre-production set to begin this summer. This new version of the movie will focus on a younger, fitter Batman, which is why Ben Affleck is out.

It’s been a week since Tati Westbrook rocked James Charles’ world, posting a 43 minute video blasting her protege for his bad behavior. Charles posted a very sad apology and went into hiding as he lost about 3 million YouTube followers and got ripped to shreds on social media. Yesterday Tati posted another video called “Why I Did It.” She said that when she made “Bye Sister,” she thought SHE would be the one to take the hit, but the exact opposite happened. Tati says it’s painful to watch someone she loves being dragged, especially when she realizes she’s the one who started all this. But she defended herself, saying she was coming from a good place. Tati could see James was headed down a dangerous path and wasn’t listening to her, so he needed this public wakeup call. Now Tati says it’s time for the hate to stop. And while she says James needs better people around him, Tati admits, “I know I will never be that person again.”

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