Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris enjoy romantic getaway

Lisa Vanderpump declines $2500 gift… Indiana Jones 5 announcement… Jared Fogle beaten… Mariah Carey’s wedding plans… and Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris enjoy romantic getaway

People love celebrities. And when someone saw Lisa Vanderpump, her husband Ken Todd and their dog Giggy having dinner at a fancy restaurant, someone sent over a $2500 bottle of champagne. According to Page Six, the trio declined because they had already bought a bottle of wine, which they were thoroughly enjoying. Lucky for the wannabe celebrity gift-giver, Busta Rhymes also happened to be in the restaurant, so he had the champagne sent to his table instead. Busta said, “Thanks!!”

Both Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg are coming back for another Indiana Jones movie! This will be the fifth one. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it is scheduled to hit theaters on July 19, 2019. Harrison will be 77 when that movie is released.

Jared Fogle got jumped in the prison rec yard where he’s serving time for having relations with minors. Apparently, one of his fellow inmates has a serious problem with child molesters. He reportedly pushed Jared to the ground, straddled him and used his face as a punching bag. Jared was left with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches to his neck. His attacker was sent to solitary confinement.

TMZ is reporting that Mariah Carey will marry billionaire James Packer in June on a private island island in the Caribbean called Barbuda. Apparently, James and Robert DeNiro are building a $250 resort there. Reportedly, there will only be 50 guests at the wedding and they’ll all be flown in on private jets.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their one-year dating anniversary on March 6, and they are celebrating with  romantic island vacation and lots of Instagram pictures!  Calvin took a lot of pictures of his girlfriend modeling bikinis and shared a video of Taylor bouncing on a trampoline in the ocean and then making a very unflattering dismount, which left Calvin giggling and Taylor explaining that it hurt…a lot! They even did the cliche drawing of their initials in the sand, reminding us that Calvin Harris’ real name is Adam Wiles. And the only questions I’m left with are, Where are they? Who’s vacationing with them and taking the pictures of them together? And how long before they get engaged?

That time when we finally took a vacation. @calvinharris

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