Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly split

Zayn Malik’s new show… Britney Spears settles lawsuit… Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are super touchy feely… Zendaya Coleman’s horrible customer service… and Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are done

Zayn Malik is teaming up with the guy behind “Law & Order SVU” to create a drama for NBC called “Boys.” The show will follow a fictional group of guys in a boy band who become wildly successful and all the drama that goes along with that. Zayn should know a little something about that, right? But the man responsible for Zayn’s fame and fortune, Simon Cowell, says Zayn should have come to him with the idea. Simon said, “Nothing surprises me anymore, but I think he should’ve come to me with it, if I’m being honest with you.”

Britney Spears paid off Sam Lufti to make him go away once and for all. Sam was suing Britney for defamation, saying her family was bad-mouthing him and blaming him for her downfall. But Sam says he was only trying to help Britney by getting her off drugs. This case has been dragging on for seven years now! But a source says Britney just wants to make this go away, so she and Sam agreed to a settlement “in the low 6-figures,” but it’s less than the estimated $500K in legal fees it would’ve cost her to defend herself in the lawsuit.

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have spent three days in a row together. They were spotted having dinner together on Thursday, where they reportedly were “super touchy feely” but didn’t kiss. Then about midnight Friday, the two of them went to Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard to pick up food to go. An eyewitness told Us that the two of them hugged and Harry had his hand around Kendall’s waist. And the next night, the two of them went to Nobu in Malibu along with a couple of bodyguards. A witness there told Us that it looked like they were on a honeymoon because they couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes. Someone who claims to be close to Harry told Us that he’s been working really hard the past seven months and just wants to hang out with his friends. But the friend added that Kendall was “super happy, bubbly and excited that he got back in touch with her.”

Zendaya Coleman went on Snapchat yesterday to complain about some horrible customer service she experienced. Zendaya says she and her friend were at Vons and she was trying to buy $400 worth of gift cards when the lady behind the counter tossed her wallet back at her and said, “You can’t afford this!” And then she started waiting on other customers. Zendaya said, “I don’t think she was a fan of our skin tone.” Zendaya said, “I can’t make this up! This is what we deal with!” Zendaya did give a shout out to the manager who came over to help. And yes, Zendaya got her gift cards.

After a whirlwind three months, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are done. They were first seen together on June 14, just two weeks after Taylor and Calvin Harris ended their relationship. She flew him to Nashville to meet her parents. Then she flew him to London to meet his. But Hiddleswift finally became Instagram official over the Fourth of July weekend, with Tom wearing an “I heart T.S.” tank top as he frolicked in the ocean with Taylor’s girl squad. But according to “multiple sources” — aka, Taylor Swift’s people — Taylor is the one who ended things with Tom because he wanted the relationship to be more public than what she was comfortable with. One source told Us, “Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.”


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