Taylor Swift & Katy Perry End Up At The Same Party

“DWTS” spoiler… Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is over… Own a piece “Twilight”… Kim Kardashian didn’t release new Kimojis… and Taylor Swift and Katy Perry end up at the same party

SPOILER ALERT: And the sixth couple eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars” last night…………Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvintsev. And there’s really nothing more to say about that.

The eliminated couple is announced on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 23 Eras Night!

A source told Page Six that the secret romance between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is over, basically because he wanted to keep it a secret to infinity and beyond. The source said, “Jamie wants to continue to act like the carefree guy he is in public. Eventually, the question had to come about whether he was committed enough to the relationship.”

If you’re still in love with the idea that Bella and Edward are living together in some sort of vampire paradise, then this is right up your alley. “Twilight” fans have a chance to own a piece of Bella and Edward thanks to a huge auction featuring 900 props and costumes from all the movies in the “Twilight” series. Among the items that will be up for bid are Bella’s engagement ring, her wedding bouquet and even the hair pin she wore during the ceremony. You can even bid on Renesmee’s crib, Jacob’s motorcycle or a Volturi throne! It all goes down Nov. 19 and 20 at TwilightSagaAuction.com.

Despite what’s being reported, Kim Kardashian didn’t just release new Kimojis featuring her bound hands and her stolen diamond ring. The hands-tied Kimoji was actually released back in February as part of her Valentine’s Day update, while the diamond was part of the original Kimojis from December 2015. Meantime, Kim has dropped her lawsuit against MediaTakeOut.com after they apologized for alleging that she made up the whole armed robbery story and committed insurance fraud by claiming her jewelry was stolen. In a lengthy statement, they said, “MediaTakeOut knows that Mrs. Kardashian West was in fact robbed in Paris. We have permanently removed from our website any and all posts that suggested she staged the robbery, lied about it to the French police and committed an insurance crime.”

So Taylor Swift and Katy Perry walk into a bar……This isn’t a joke. This actually happened Sunday night at this club in LA called Delilah, where Drake was throwing himself a 30th birthday party. Sources say that even though Taylor and Katy completely avoided each other, “the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.” The source said Taylor entered the club through the front door with her squad that included Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters. Katy chose to enter in through the back with her little gang. The source says Drake joined Taylor in her booth after dinner and they were flirting and laughing. In fact, the source said the only person Drake spent more time with than Taylor was his mom!


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