Taylor Swift’s Netflix Documentary is Out Now

George Stephanopoulos has thrown his hat in the ring… Def Leppard in demand… Tom Brady’s cryptic post… Jessica Simpson reveals more… and Taylor Swift’s Netflix Documentary is out now

A couple years ago Alex Trabek was featured on “OBJECTified” and said that the odds of him returning to “Jeopardy!” after his contract expired in 2020 were about 50/50. Of course, that was before his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, so he may have a different answer for that now. But at the time, Alex said he’d mentioned to his producer that they should consider Alex Fraust, who does play-by-play for the LA Kings. He also said he’d be open to a female replacement and that he thought CNN legal analyst Laura Coates would be a good choice. Now if you ask him, Alex says his replacement should be Betty White. But Radar Online says they know of one person who’s thrown his hat into the ring and would like to be considered as the next host of “Jeopardy!” …… George Stephanopoulos! Their sources say he’s made it clear to the executives at “Good Morning America” that he’s willing to leave morning TV if he gets the gig.

The Mötley Crüe/Def Leppard stadium tour kicks of June 18 in Jacksonville, Florida. So far, the tour has grossed $130M, and that’s not counting another $5M worth of VIP seats. The Crüe’s manager said that when Netflix aired “The Dirt” biopic, the band’s streaming blew up 300 percent, and their audience shifted from boomers to millennials. In fact, the sales have been so huge, they’ve added 10 more shows to meet demand.

As Sports Illustrated said, “Leave it to Tom Brady to find a way to make Super Bowl Week about him, even when he’s not playing in the game.” Tom posted a moody black and white photo of him either walking into or out of a football stadium. He decides to skip the caption, which leaves his post wide open to speculation. So what IS he trying to say?? Tom becomes a free agent in March and he hasn’t said whether or not he’s coming back to the Patriots. Is this a clue? ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted, “Am told that this tweet is not related to Tom Brady’s football future. Repeat, not related to his football future. But the speculation sure is fun.”

When Jessica Simpson filmed “Dukes of Hazzard” back in 2004, there was a ton of speculation that she was having an affair with co-star Johnny Knoxville. She was married to Nick Lachey at the time, and Johnny was married to Melanie. In her new memoir, Open Book, Jessica admits that she and Johnny did, in fact, have an emotional affair and even wrote each other lover letters. She writes, “It was like Johnny and I were prison pen pals, two people who wanted so much to be with each other but were kept apart (by our) respective spouses. There was something Nick wanted from me that I no longer had. An emptiness I couldn’t fill.” She continued, “It’s funny, I know, because I placed such an emphasis on sex by not having it before marriage. After I actually had sex, I understood that the emotional part was what mattered. And Johnny and I had that, which seemed far more of a betrayal to my marriage than sex.” But when Jessica and Nick broke up, Johnny stayed with his wife, even though they ultimately divorced a few years later.

Page Six is reporting that the real reason Taylor Swift didn’t go to the Grammys this year isn’t because she was standing up for for the ousted CEO Deborah Dugan. It wasn’t to be with her mother, who is battling brain cancer. Page Six says they have multiple sources to who claim Taylor didn’t attend the Grammys because they wouldn’t tell her whether or not she was going to win one. One of the sources said Taylor’s team “called and wanted to be assured that she would win the Grammy. And while it wasn’t an explicit demand, they certainly were fishing to find out if Taylor was a winner. It was understood in the conversation that if she’s not winning, she’s not coming to the Grammys.” But the people planning the show don’t even know who’s going to win, and they wouldn’t bend the rules…not even for Taylor.

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