The Bachelor Finale TONIGHT

Dr. Drew & Dr. Oz rip media… Angelina Jolie reveals children had operations… Amanda Bynes reunites with fiancé… Corey Feldman accuses Charlie Sheen of abuse… and The Bachelor Finale TONIGHT

Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew told TMZ that we are unnecessarily panicking about coronavirus. In fact, Dr. Drew says the media’s role in causing a panic is “unconscionable.” And Dr. Oz says just worry about the stuff you can control — like making sure older people and those who are already sick have the resources they need to fight the virus. But he says loading up on masks if you’re generally a healthy person isn’t necessary. Just wash your hands really well, avoid shaking too many hands and stop touching your face and you’re probably going to be good to go. But no matter what these doctors have to say, people are still panicking. For instance, for the indefinite future, both “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” have decided to tape their shows without audiences. In addition to SXSW being officially canceled — although local businesses are still going to put on a show, dang it! — within the next day or so, we should know the fates of Coachella and Stagecoach. Promoters are considering postponing both festivals until October.

We now know the real reason Brad Pitt skipped the BAFTA Awards back last month. In an essay written for “Time” magazine, Angelina Jolie revealed that her daughters Zahara and Shiloh had both undergone surgeries. She revealed that Shiloh needed hip surgery but didn’t disclose Zahara’s medical issue. So the “family obligation” that caused Brad to miss out on accepting his BAFTA Award in London was that he wanted to be there for his child’s surgery.

When Amanda Bynes announced she was engaged to Paul Michael — a man she met in AA and had only dated for just a few months — Mama had a problem with that. As her conservator, Lynn Organ has a lot of say over Amanda’s major life decisions. The Blast is reporting that last week, Lynn, Amanda and Paul had an emergency meeting with a judge to discuss this engagement, which led to the engagement being called off. Amanda also deleted every sign off Paul off her social media. The judge also ordered Amanda to check into a psychiatric facility immediately for an evaluation, and at first Amanda agreed to that. But Amanda never checked in and sources are saying she’s refusing to cooperate. If she continues to refuse, the court could step in. But on top of all this, Amanda announced yesterday that she and Paul are back together.

Corey Feldman announced he was going to release his documentary on his website at 8pm last night — “(My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.” At least, that was the plan. Viewers paid $20 to see Corey name names, but the site crashed. Corey was hosting a streaming screening at a theater and told the audience he believed hackers were to blame. Last week, Corey told Wendy Williams he was going to name names and that one was a name known around the world. It turns out that name belongs to Charlie Sheen. Corey has actually made the claim before that Charlie assaulted Corey Haim when they filmed the 1986 movie “Lucas.” At the time, Charlie would’ve been 19 and Corey was 13. Both Charlie and Corey’s mother denied it happened then. Charlie has yet to comment on this documentary.

Last night we endured part one of the two night season finale of “The Bachelor.” SPOILER ALERT!!! We finally know what Peter’s mom was crying about. She believes Peter is about to make the biggest mistake of his life and choose Madison! In fact, Peter’s whole family thinks he and Madison are completely wrong for each other. So when Mama sobbed, “Bring her home to us!” she was talking about Hannah Ann. But as we saw, Madison bowed out of competition, which only made Peter want her more. But in the previews, it looks like she’s back tonight.

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