‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Crash

Disney announcements… Maks Chmerkovskiy’s home emergency… Serena Williams didn’t mean to announce her pregnancy… Sony Music loses Dr. Luke… and ‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Crash

Walt Disney Pictures had a bunch of announcements yesterday. They’ve pushed the fifth Indiana Jones movie back to July 10, 2020. Steven Spielberg will be back to direct Harrison Ford, who will turn 78 three days after the movie is released. And “Frozen 2” will be released on November 27, 2019, exactly six years after “Frozen” debuted. Next year, we get the live version of “Mulan” and in 2019, the live version of “The Lion King.”

Whoever gets kicked off of “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night always hops on a plane to do “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning. But yesterday, Heather Morris had to do GMA alone because Maks Chmerkovskiy had an emergency back home. She explained that someone tried to break into the home he shares with his fiancé Peta Murgatroyd and their baby boy, Shai, but that everyone was safe. So what happened was, this man showed up claiming to own the house, and wouldn’t you want to go inside the house you own? So the cops were called. Maks and Peta provided proof that they’re legally renting the house, but the man claiming to own it didn’t have any proof of ownership. Maks did confirm this man used to own the property. A police source told TMZ that this was a business dispute that should be settled in court and that no crime was committed.

Serena Williams didn’t mean to announce her pregnancy. She said she’d been taking pregnancy progress photos to keep for herself but accidentally pressed the wrong button, not realizing she’d posted a picture of her tiny baby bulge with the caption “20 weeks” on Snapchat. She says it’s really okay, though, because she planned on making the big announcement a few days later anyway.

Sony Music is “winding down” its relationship with Dr. Luke. He is no longer CEO of the label Kemosabe Records, which he founded and came under the Sony umbrella in 2011. And Dr. Luke’s page on the Sony Music website has been removed. However, Dr. Luke’s production contracts do remain in place, so Sony hasn’t severed all ties with him. Dr. Luke has been in a nasty legal battle with Kesha going on 3 years now. She claims he verbally and sexually abused her and wanted out of her contract. He has refused to release her.

Former Bachelor Chris Soules was arrested for a hit and run accident that left a man dead. About 8:20pm Monday, Chris was driving his Chevy pickup when he rear-ended a John Deere tractor being driven by 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher. The tractor went into the ditch and Chris took off. Mr. Mosher was taken to the hospital where he passed away. Officers went to Chris’ home, but he refused to come out until they got a warrant. He was placed in handcuffs at 1:16am — approximately 5 hours after the accident happened. Alcohol was found in his car parked outside. Chris is now free on $10K bond and has to be back in court on May 2. As of right now, Chris is charged with leaving the scene of a fatality motor vehicle accident, which is a class D felony. Further charge may be pending following an investigation.


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