The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” Drama

Azealia Banks wasn’t at her court date… Fantasia Barrino’s second-degree burn… Chance the Rapper has pledged to donate $1 million… Chrissy Metz on a weight loss journey… and The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” drama

A couple years ago, Azealia Banks got kicked out of a NY nightclub and bit the female security guard in the boob on her way out the door. She was supposed to be in court yesterday for a hearing in the matter, but Azealia gave her lawyer a note to read to the judge instead: “I can be back tomorrow if the court needs it.” The judge then issued a bench warrant for Azealia’s arrest. According to her lawyer, Azealia thought her court date was tomorrow instead of yesterday, so she was in France for Fashion Week. Oops!

Fantasia Barrino canceled her concert in Memphis Sunday night after suffering second-degree burns on her arm. Nobody would say what happened — just that it was a “minor accident.” But TMZ did some digging. They say Fantasia was asleep on her tour bus next to an aromatherapy vaporizer, which she uses to soothe her vocal cords. She apparently rolled over onto the plug-in cord, which caused hot water to spill out onto her right arm. She plans to perform a scheduled concert in LA tomorrow night, but promises to make it up to Memphis as soon as she can.

Chance the Rapper has pledged to donate a million dollars to Chicago public schools. He said the money will come from his upcoming spring tour, which kicks off next month. During a press conference at an elementary school on the city’s South Side, Chance said, “This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about posturing. This is about taking care of the kids.” And then he presented the school with a check for $10K.

Chance the Rapper donates $1M to Chicago public schools

Chrissy Metz plays Kate on “This Is Us” and the character Kate has been trying different weight loss methods. In real life, she has to be on the same weight loss journey as her character. It’s even in her contract. But besides that, Chrissy doesn’t just want to lose weight because someone is telling her to. She told “Marie Claire” that her father is a big man who had to have quadruple bypass surgery. She said, “Those are real things that happen in families with overweight people, and I don’t want that.” Chrissy says she’s even willing to go on “The Biggest Loser” to drop some pounds. But then she says she has to “be aware of not losing too much weight because of the show” and that she wants to do it the right way in a “gradual process,” which is the exact opposite of a weight-loss competition show.

In case you missed last night’s 3-hour Bachelor marathon, all that really mattered was the two hours of “Women Tell All,” which was more like “All About Corinne.” Entertainment Tonight was at the taping, which lasted SEVEN HOURS! And they’re revealing some interesting behind-the-scenes info. Producers focused most of their attention on Corinne even before taping started. And while Corinne’s drama with Taylor was featured in the broadcast, ET says there was SO much more between these two that didn’t make it on the air. Taylor even had to “take a moment” and walk off stage with a producer to collect herself. Also off camera, Chris Harrison completely had Corinne’s back, telling her she was his “spirit animal” and reminding her about the “surprise” cheese pasta she ordered for the audience. And apparently, at the end of the night, Chris got Corinne and Taylor to hug and say “I’m sorry.” Chris also lost his patience with several women. At one point, he got so frustrated with Astrid (the plastic surgery office manager) for repeatedly making invalid points, that he demanded, “Who’s producing Astrid?!” And he also told Jasmine (pro basketball dancer who got kicked out after threatening to choke Nick) to “take a 20” when she wouldn’t calm down and let anyone else talk. And while Corinne got up to get herself a glass of champagne, during a break, Liz (who slept with Nick at that wedding and then didn’t talk to him for a year only to show up on “The Bachelor”) was all frustrated and said, “I thought we got a pee break! I thought we got a shot!” And a few minutes later, crew members handed out shots in solo cups to all the ladies.


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