The full extent of Bono’s cycling injuries

Stacy London’s NEW show, “Love, Lust, or Run”… “Better Call Saul” has a release date… Brad Pitt is ready to do something different… Ryan Gosling just got a restraining order… and The full extent of Bono’s cycling injuries

I was really sad when What Not To Wear ended on TLC. Host Stacy London, on the other hand, was not. She said she that after 10 years of giving frumpy women makeovers, she was burned out on it. So she took a lot of time off…did a lot of travel…rested up…and now she’s ready to hit the ground running with her NEW show, “Love, Lust, or Run.” And yes, it’s another makeover show, but this time, she makes women “under.” It debuts January 23 on TLC.

The “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” has a release date!  The show will premiere Sunday February, 8, on AMC, right after the mid-season return of “The Walking Dead.”  A second episode will air the following night and then it will remain in the Monday night-time slot for the rest of the season. “Better Call Saul” is about lawyer Saul Goodman, and it’s set in 2002 before the events of “Breaking Bad” took place.

According to the “National Enquirer,” Brad Pitt’s had his fill of war movies and he’s ready to do something WAY different. Brad reportedly has approached Bruce Springsteen about turning his life story into a movie, and Brad wants to play The Boss! A source says Bruce is thinking it over.

Ryan Gosling just got a restraining order against a woman whose been stalking him for the past several months. TMZ got the court papers in which Ryan claims Gracie Marie Del Villar has been harassing him with emails and packages. In once incident, Gracie sent Ryan a torn-out page from a magazine featuring Eva Mendes and stapled her contact information to it. That’s not cool. Gracie’s also been inundating Ryan’s sister with emails. In one of them she wrote, “I am kicking your brother’s head.” But the last straw came a couple of weeks ago when Gracie traveled from NY to LA and showed up at Ryan’s home, rang the security gate and said she was Ryan’s twin. She left a doll catalog at the gate. Now a judge has ordered her to stay at least 100 yards away from Ryan, Eva and their daughter Esmerelda. Ryan’s sister Mandi got her own restraining order, too.

When Bono fell off his bike in Central Park, we knew he got hurt really badly when U2 had to cancel their week of performances on “The Tonight Show.” But now we’re finding out just how bad his injuries were. Bono’s surgeon issued a statement to “Rolling Stone.” Apparently, Bono was riding along on his bike and tried to avoid another rider when he was involved in a “high energy bicycle accident.” He was rushed to the hospital where he went through five hours of surgery to treat a facial fracture in his left eye socket, three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of the left humerus in his upper arm, which left the bone shattered in six different places. The bones Tore. Through. His. Skin. According to the doctor, the bone was repaired by inserting three metal plates and 18 screws. Bono underwent a second surgery the next day to repair a fractured pinky finger.


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