Abby Lee Miller is facing prison… Kylie Jenner goes back to daddy… Chris Brown fired his publicist… Calvin Harris apologizes… and The Hiddleswift romantic vacation continues

Prosecutors were going for blood. They filed 20 fraud charges against “Dance Moms” tyrant Abby Lee Miller and were going for 5 years in prison and a $5 million fine. But she ended up pleading guilty to one count of concealing bankruptcy assets and not reporting an international monetary transaction. It was kind of hard to deny that, especially after she tried to smuggle $120K stuffed into Ziploc bags on a flight from Australia back to the US. She even texted one of her employees, “We have all this foreign cash. Need a little money laundering.” Now Abby is facing up to 30 months in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for October 11.

Kylie Jenner is back with Tyga all thanks to PartyNextDoor. According to HollywoodLife, Tyga got super jealous when he saw Kylie flaunting her new fling. So what did he do? He claimed his woman! Tyga reportedly told Kylie to “end her deal with PND and come back to daddy.” And she did! Now a source says Tyga is strutting around thinking “his chest is bigger than LeBron James.”

We heard yesterday that Chris Brown’s tour manager quit in the middle of his European tour because he threatened to beat her up. Today we’re finding out Chris went crazy nuts on his publicist and fired her. And guess what? We have the angry text exchange! Chris was angry that Nicole Perna hadn’t gotten him on the right magazine covers he wanted for his clothing line and told her to “Get in the game.” So Nicole defended herself, texting back, “Anna Wintour doesn’t want to (BLANK) with you. These editors don’t want to (BLANK) with you….The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning (BLANK) up and having your back.” That did it. Chris texted back, “NICOLE, you texting me as if I will give a (BLANK) if u dont work for me or not … Do whatever makes u feel better. Me personally, I DONT GIVE A (BLANK)!!!” Chris then group texted his manager, telling him in part to “send this bitch her termination.” Nicole texted back, “Chris, respect. You’re in my prayers x.” He got the last text, “B**** u in my nightmares.” She then turned in her resignation letter.

Calvin Harris  got a little flustered by the paparazzi yesterday when he was trying to get into his car and back out of an alley. He forgot his back door was open and ends up slamming into a cement wall. He obviously lost his cool, but later felt so bad about the situation he tweeted, “I got mad as hell at a paparazzi today, I’m sorry, you did make me back into a wall but I know you’re just doing your job and I apologize.” What a nice guy!

The Hiddleswift Train continues to roll! Last week, Taylor Swift took Tom Hiddleston to Nashville to meet her parents. They also sat in the window of a restaurant so all the paps could get pictures of him kissing her hand. The next day, Hiddleswift jumped on her private jet and flew to England to meet his mom. And then they jumped back on the jet and flew off to Rome, where they’ve been enjoying a romantic vacation!


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