Announcing Chief of Cinema… Pat Sajak’s last show… Jelly Roll teamed up with Dunkin’… Sydney Sweeney buys mansion… and The real-life Martha from ‘BABY REINDEER’ has filed a lawsuit…

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Did you know that only 7% of Americans prefer watching movies in a theater? That may explain why the box office is experiencing such a slump! Watching at home is not only cheaper, you can press pause for a bathroom break and you get to control the temperature. But you’re also missing out on that gigantic screen and the huge surround sound and sharing the experience with a room full of fellow movie lovers! The people at want to remind us all about that movie magic, so they’re hiring one person to watch five movies in a theater this summer. You just have to knock them out by August 31. They’ll even give you a title — Chief of Cinema. The pay is pretty sweet, too. Not only will buy your movie tickets, they’ll pay you $2500. You just need to be 18 or older, a US resident, and a lover of movies!

Summer movie release schedule:


  • 6/21: The Bikeriders
  • 6/23: South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
  • 6/28: A Quiet Place: Day One


  • 7/3: Despicable Me 4
  • 7/5: MaXXXine
  • 7/12: Fly Me to the Moon
  • 7/13: Princess Mononoke
  • 7/19: Twisters
  • 7/21: The Neverending Story
  • 7/26: Deadpool & Wolverine


  • 8/2: Harold and the Purple Crayon
  • 8/2: Cuckoo
  • 8/3: Ponyo
  • 8/9: Borderlands
  • 8/9: It Ends With Us
  • 8/9: Trap
  • 8/14: Coraline (3D re-release)
  • 8/16: Alien: Romulus
  • 8/23: The Crow
  • 8/23: Blink Twice
  • 8/25: Rear Window (70th Anniversary)

After 41 seasons, Pat Sajak’s final episode hosting Wheel of Fortune airs today, but his days with the Wheel are not done. Pat’s hanging around for the next 3 years as a behind-the-scenes consultant. Meantime, Pat’s already lined up his next acting gig. Pat will star in a play called Prescription: Murder, running July 31-Aug. 10, 2025, at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu. This is 1962 play that inspired the classic TV series, Columbo, which debuted in 1968. Pat will play “brilliant psychiatrist Roy Flemming, who hatches a plot with a perfect alibi to murder his neurotic and possessive wife.” His friend Joe Moore, who works as a TV reporter in Hawaii, will play the bumbling Lt. Columbo. Pat and Joe met in 1968 while serving together at the American Forces Vietnam Network in Saigon. This will be the 9th play they’ve done together, dating back to 1993.

Today in National Donut Day. In celebration, Dunkin’ Donuts hired Jelly Roll to star in a PSA celebrating the occasion. Believe it or not, his mama didn’t name him Jelly Roll. He was born Jason Bradley DeFord. In the PSA, he answers the question he says “everybody always asks me” — How did he get the name Jelly Roll? He said, “Believe it or not, truth is, it’s because of these little guys right here,” as he picks up a jelly roll out of a box of a dozen. He said, “Growing up, doughnuts were truly my kryptonite. My mama used to tell me all the time I was so sweet, I could open up my own Dunkin’.”

Sydney Sweeney just bought a big ol’ ocean-front mansion about 30 minutes outside of Key West for $13.5M — $4.5M below asking price. The 7720-square-foot home sits on a huge piece of property and features 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a 520-bottle wine room, a 330-gallon aquarium, an elevator, a home gym, a game room, a heated and chilled infinity pool with a swim-up bar, a hot tub and a private boat launch. Sydney is building quite the real estate portfolio. Back in November 2021, she bought her very first place — a $3M Tudor that sits on a hilltop in the Westwood neighborhood of LA. The following year, she bought her great-grandmother’s 2-bedroom home back from the people who owned it at the time. And last year, she dropped $6.2M for a 4477-square-foot fixer-upper in Bel Air.

The woman who allegedly inspired stalker Martha in the Netflix drama Baby Reindeer is suing for defamation, negligence and privacy violations. Fiona Harvey is asking for more than $170M in damages. Netflix says it stands behind comedian Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story and has vowed to “defend this matter vigorously.” Richard wrote the series based on his alleged experience being stalked by a woman he met at the pub where he worked. At the end of the series, the credits say the story is “based on real events: however certain characters, names, incidents, locations, and dialogue have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.” And even though Richard asked people not to track down the people who inspired these characters, they couldn’t help themselves. It didn’t take long for them to identify Fiona as the inspiration for Martha. In Baby Reindeer, Martha is a convicted criminal who served time stalking. But Fiona says she’s not a stalker and she’s never been convicted of any crime. In the series, Martha also sexually assaults Richard’s character, Donny, which she says never happened. As a result of the the series, Fiona said she’s gotten a number of death threats and is afraid to leave her home. So she’s hired a big time lawyer from NYC to sue Netflix, and she’s certain they’re going to win, “Otherwise,” she said, “We wouldn’t be doing it.”


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