The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 Inductees

Sesame Street’s first homeless Muppet… Kelly Clarkson to replace Ellen DeGeneres… Michelle Williams leaves broadway… Brad Pitt being sued… and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2019 inductees

Sesame Street has introduced its first homeless Muppet, to bring awareness to the growing problem of childhood homelessness. Lily has appeared on the show before, and her family was struggling with hunger and food insecurity. But now, Lily’s family has lost their apartment and has no place to live. The producers hope this will help kids have greater empathy and understanding of the issue.

Kelly Clarkson is not only preparing to have her own daytime talk show, she is being groomed to take over for Ellen DeGeneres. Sources told The Blast that Ellen has been making it clear to network and production executives for some time now that she’s growing tired of this grind. She’s been doing her talk show since 2003. Even though she recently extended her contract through 2020, sources say it was a real struggle to get her to sign it. “The Kelly Clarkson Show” is set to debut in the fall of 2019. Her show is set to be a lead-in to Ellen’s show, but the plan is for her to eventually take Ellen’s spot.

Michelle Williams was so excited to be engaged to a pastor. She and Chad Johnson were even filming their wedding planning for a reality TV show. But Michelle announced last week on her Instagram Story that the engagement is off. She said, “I still remain fearless. I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out. The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry. #FEARLESS.” But sources say she is deeply depressed over the situation. It’s so bad, that doctors ordered Michelle to drop out of her Broadway musical, “Once on This Island.” Now because they broke up, producers of that reality show she was doing want to reshoot the last episode to cover the breakup, but a source told that Michelle has refused to cooperate.

Brad Pitt has been in court for months battling home owners in New Orleans who claim that he and his charity, Make It Right, built defective homes after Hurricane Katrina. Many claim the homes that were built in 2007 are now falling apart and have mold, and they’re stuck with 30 year mortgages on homes that may not last another five years. Last month, Brad’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the class action case against him. This week, the home owners fired back in court documents saying Brad was okay getting all the praise and glory for being the man “saving the Lower Ninth Ward,” but now he’d like the court to believe that he’s little more than a “neutral observer who had no personal participation in the development of the project.” A judge has yet to rule on the situation.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced their 2019 inductees and they are………….Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, The Cure, Roxy Music, The Zombies and Radiohead! Because nobody wants to travel to Cleveland, the induction ceremony will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on March 29. We get to watch it live on HBO.


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